In the most terrifying topic we’ve covered yet, Dr. Jenna Moccia (and her own special silent guest!) joins Kevin, Joe, and Toren to look at child bed fever, c-sections, morning sickness, eclampsia, and all the other weird and gross stuff that comes from making (and having) babies!

Music: “Womb With A View” by Jonathan Coulton



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  • GWAR

  • Ken

    Question for the Doc

    Vaginal stretching fact/fiction –
    is there a permanent size change after birth process?
    If the claim is no, does this apply if there has been tearing & healing?
    Validated studies or “common knowledge”?

  • Audrey Olson

    I need a new text ringtone. Can’t decide if i’m going to use toren’s emphatic “HA” or joe’s unenthusiastic “mneuh?”

  • sewdotcoe

  • Jon Paynter

    OMG that was a funny episode! One of the best ones for sure, probably because of a combination of your excellent guest and the fact that the guys know nothing about pregnancy and childbirth, having only had one experience of it each. I think Dr. Jenna is an expert in making fun of the cast of Caustic Soda! Great job guys, can’t wait for the second half.

    • Derek Weber

      +1! I was going to say exactly the same thing. The lack of knowledge you guys exhibit (and I say that in my most complimentary way) was hilarious, but wonderful. I’m a parent, so it’s very hard to imagine not knowing a lot of that stuff (a lot of it is literally etched into my mind – some things you simply cannot unsee). Great ep to all of you and I can’t wait for next week!

      Oh, regarding in utero names, it took me a while to get “Costy” (ie. “Causty”), so my first reaction was that it could easily be “Costly” instead, because that’s quite a fitting, gender-neutral name too. Our in utero names for our two kids were Bob (Blackadder joke – it would have been a funny name for a girl or simply a boy’s name) and Russell (which is a reference to the online comic Get Fuzzy, a bit like Garfield with a crafty cat, a daft dog, and an owner, and the dog had a pet amoeba for a while called Russell, which was what our first ultrasounds of child #2 resembled).

  • Raptor-Chick

    I’m a cake decorator and I’ve had to do my fair share of gender reveal cakes. It always makes me nervous that they would give us the ultrasound pictures. Bakeries are not tidy environments and I know people like to keep the pictures. I would hate to drop buttercream or something on them.
    We always joke that it would be funny to make one layer pink and the other blue or make the cake green or purple or something.
    Great episode as always, guys! You rock!

  • RedMaigo

    You should have mentioned one of the most famous of cases of pseudocyesis in history, Mary I (aka Bloody Mary).

  • Taylor

    Can I view the results of ratemytrimester with out influencing the results? (Childless male here)

  • Brenton

    “Without a mother or a father just a test-tube and a womb with a view”

  • Eve

    Yay, dr Jenna! Wonderful and funny as always.

  • Drhoz

    I once used the example of Spotted Hyenas to win an argument with a creationist. I asked him why nature is so appallingly violent and horrible if it wasn’t the result of Natural Selection red in tooth and claw, and he said it wasn’t, God is kind to animals. After I stopped laughing, I told him all about hyenas, and suddenly he didn’t want to argue anymore…

  • Ryan

    My sister in law admitted that a large part of her reason for having a gender reveal was to score free diapers. They had people pick boy or girl raffle tickets in exchange for diapers, then drew from the corresponding bowl of tickets to raffle off a gift card. I think they received around 1800 diapers.

    • Derek

      Wow, that’s a lot of nappies! A veritable mountain, no less. About a week’s worth for a newborn, in my experience. 😉

      • Ryan

        He occasionally goes through up to three in an hour, so they didn’t even last until he outgrew them.