Why can’t I see all the episodes in iTunes?

The answer is a bit technical, but basically our RSS file was getting too large and we had to limit the episodes available in it.

There is now a solution!

All posts are now tagged with their season number, and each tag has its own feed, so if you’d like to get Season 1 of Caustic Soda simply subscribe via feed to:


For other seasons simply replace the “01” with the two digit season number like so:


In iTunes you can manually subscribe by going to your podcasts, hit the “Alt” key to make the menu show up (if using the latest iTunes) and then choose File > Subscribe to Podcast and paste in the full URL above and click “Ok”.


How do I get an image next to my comments?

Go create your own Gravatar. It’s free and works on any site that supports them (nearly every WordPress run site, for starters).

How do I mark parts of my comments as spoilers?

Enclose your comment in between [spoiler] and [/spoiler] tags. Further instructions on how to use EasySpoiler are available.

Can I submit an “outro”?

Yes! Record your version of the following and email it (MP3/WAV/FLAC/MP4 formats acceptable) to us at info@causticsodapodcast.com with a subject beginning with “[OUTRO]”!

Caustic Soda was recorded by Mike Leeson while [create your own horrible fate for Mike]

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Thanks for listening!

Recording tips:

  • Make your room as quiet as possible. Turn off fans, remove pets and children, close the windows, and mute your computer! No typing while recording!
  • Optionally, record some “room tone” — 15 seconds of your room, with no extra sound at all. We can use this to clean up your audio a bit more.
  • We can’t help you much with setting up your hardware or software, but we like Audacity. Note that to get the format to send to us you have to “Export”, not “Save”. Audacity saves only as an Audacity Project file.