Caustic Soda Body Worlds Contest

Announcing the Caustic Soda Promo Contest!

Pam Saunders of Body Worlds & The Brain was kind enough to provide us a giveaway copy of the luscious and rather weighty BodyWorlds: The Original Exhibition of
Real Human Bodies
book and we decided to hold a contest to find out who wants it the most.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is promote Caustic Soda.

This could be in the form of wearing your “” t-shirt during your wedding, making a youtube video getting Kevin’s face tattooed on your forehead, or carving our logo into the world’s biggest pumpkin. Whatever it is, make it clever, on topic with Caustic Soda ethos and in the public eye, while avoiding being disrespectful.
(Entries that vandalize property or do anything else illegal will be disqualified, and for Cthulhu’s sake don’t harm any animals!)

The best part? We will meet you at the KFC of your choosing in the Greater Vancouver Area to enjoy a “Double Down” sandwich with you (callback to the “Food” episode) where we will hand you the book, autographed by the crew if you like!

Send us your jpeg, video, mp3 or whathaveyou to us at before 11:59pm on Nov 16