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Snottites, star jelly, caca de luna, hagfish slime, marine mucilage, sneeze modellers, snail slime cream, and all things slimy! Our iRiff of “The Blob” is

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Caustic Soda puts the fun in funeral! Guest Arinn Dembo joins us to talk neanderthal cave burials, cremains, martyriums, slave sacrifice, wife-burning, The Great Death

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Tanks A Lot!

Toren, Joe, and Kevin are joined by Kerberos Productions‘ Martin Cirulis to talk about landships,or “tanks”. We’ll hear about Britain’s attempts to hide this new

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Joe, Toren, and Kevin are joined by Rebecca Dart to talk about cults! We talk about Brother XII, who claimed to be the Egyptian god

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Microbiologist Jenna Capyk joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy. What the heck is it? Does it cause

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Jack The Ripper

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series Evil Dudes In History

Today Toren, Joe, and Kevin take a look at the most famous serial killer in history: London, England’s very own Jack the Ripper. Music: Guy

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The science and history of the biggest and baddest man-eating, death-rolling crocodiles and alligators. Plus how to survive a crocodile attack and “Lesser of Two

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Watch out, mysophobes! History’s worst mudslides, the world’s largest mud volcano, and man-made lakes that failed epically, All this plus how to survive a mudslide

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This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series Evil Dudes In History

How did Hitler rise to power? Why did he hate the jews? What was the Night of Long Knives? Did Hitler invent blow-up dolls, fart

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