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This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series Evil Dudes In History

Continuing the “Evil Men In History” series Joe, Kevin, and Toren check out Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. Just how evil was this Russian that was so

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What were the biggest, baddest and weirdest dinosaurs? Did killer algae take them out? What’s the deal with brontosaurus? Was T-Rex a cannibal? Who fought

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Killer Robots

Caustic Soda, robot fighters! We pit our powerful podcasting techniques against robotic threats like the biomass consuming EATR, firearm-wielding TALON and SWORDS, the frighteningly named

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Today we talk about explosions. High and low, big and… well, mostly big. Frightening, deadly and completely uncontrolled! Music: Kablam by The Darkest of the

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Don’t panic, get under a nearby load-bearing doorway and cover your head — it’s time for earthquakes on Caustic Soda! Music: Theme to an Earthquake

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The short-bus space shuttle.

Space Warfare

That’s no moon! Kereberos Productions’ Martin Cirulis joins the Caustic Soda crew as we venture into the final frontier and fight things we find there!

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The Perfect Murder

Join the Caustic Soda crew and special guest Chris Stewart as we kill (comedically) and get away with it! Serial Killers, murder-suicide, and the legal

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Black Holes

Hard Science by Soft People! Kevin, Joe and Toren dare to probe the secrets of a black hole and emerge with their underpants on the

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Two Tickets to Parasites

Caustic Soda Episode 2: “Two Tickets to Parasite” AKA “Things That Make You Go EUGHHHH” – Joe, Kevin and Toren talk about liver flukes, ichneumon

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