Wolf Attack!

Death by wolf! Toren, Joe and Kevin discuss the many wolf attacks throughout history, the “sex lock”, and the mighty Dire wolf!

Music: “The Wolf Wobble” by Joe Venuti




Toren: 4/10
Kevin: 8/10
Joe: 8/10


Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Toren: 7/10
Kevin: 7/10
Joe: 8/10

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  1. Aaaand you guys didn’t actually get to talk about any wolf attack-related video games. What a shame!

  2. I assume the wolf attack episode doesn’t warrant werewolf movies BUT I was just reading about the upcoming the film ‘The Grey’.

    May I suggest a Caustic Soda Follow Up Movie Outing in 2012?

    The Grey

    In Alaska, an oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans are a pack of wolves who see them as intruders.


  3. Great episode, guys!

    I enjoyed FROZEN a lot. Not entirely because of my crush on Iceman 🙂

    Another really good wolf film is 2008’s LA JEUN FILLE ET DES LOUPS (THE MAIDEN AND THE WOLVES) a French film which tells the true story of the first female veterinarian in France and her tireless efforts to save the wolves of the French Alps from extinction- after a plane crash in which a wolf pack approached her and, after she stared them down and bluffed them with her fierceness, they kept her warm with their bodies until she was rescued.

    My favourite wolf zoology story is about Lupine expert L. David Mech, who is famous for studying the Arctic Wolf. Once, in British Columbia, he took several sixpacks of beer to his campsite and no guns or any other protection- each night, he peed on the trees around his tent- and the wolves respected his territorial marker and wouldn’t cross the treeline!

    btw- the swelling of the wolf penis to lock a pair together at mating is called “Knotting” 🙂

    1. If you haven’t seen “Never Cry Wolf” then you probably aren’t aware of a similar scene where the researcher marks out his territory for the wolves he’s studying.

      You should watch “Never Cry Wolf” if you want a little taste of Canadiana. Plus BRIAN DENNEHY!


  4. Nice work, guys. I had a couple of points to share.

    Kevin, the priest would have sold “indulgences” rather than tithes – tithes are basically like a church tax, a proportion of your income that you give to the church (or charity, or whatever).

    Also, Kevin, if you want to see what the sex look looks like (and just how tightly the wolves get bound together) find the first episode of a short doco series called Yellowstone (British production, I think, BBC maybe?) – there’s a snippet of a lone male wolf who sneaks off with a young female from the pack the filmers were following. They get caught in flagrante by the alpha male, and it’s amazing how hard they’re stuck together because the poor guy just can’t get away.

    BTW, why is there a picture of a dude with a chain through his arm attached to this page? I don’t recall anything like that being mentioned in the show (or did I miss something?).

    1. Human error! That image is something I’m saving for the “prison” episode, got mixed in with the wolf images. I’ve taken it down now so anyone who hasn’t seen it won’t know what we’re talking about until that episode gets made! Mwooo-hahahah!

  5. Thanks for the great show!

    Two interesting Canadian wolf attack stories I’d like to mention. One occurred at the Haliburton Forest, near Algonquin Park in central Ontario (near where I live and work). The victim was a new employee at the Haliburton Forest’s Wolf Centre, an awesome place to go if you love wolves, as I do. The park has a 15 acre area fenced in for a pack of wolves that varies in size, depending on how many of the wolves are living or whether some of them are shipped to other sites in North American. The wolves are basically wild, although they do receive some basic veterinary care and are fed road kill and other carcasses (i.e. moose, deer, elk, beavers, etc.). A few days after Patricia Wyman started working at the wolf centre in 1996, she went into the enclosure alone without telling anyone. She was killed by the wolves, although no one really knows why. This gives credence to the claim made on the podcast that captive wolves are more dangerous. Check out a brief description of the incident: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patricia_Wyman_wolf_attack

    Another tragic attack was Taylor Mitchell, a young, beautiful and talented folk singer from Toronto, who went hiking in Cape Breton while touring in Nova Scotia. While hiking, she was killed by coyotes. Yes, I can hear you already, coyotes and wolves are different. Yes, in BC they are different. In the Eastern half of the country, they are essentially the same species because of inbreeding. If you saw and eastern timber wolf next to an eastern coyote, you would not be able to tell the difference, although I understand that there are some differences in behaviour and genetics. Coyotes are a real problem in our area because of the livestock they kill (especially sheep), but you can save that for the coyote episode. Here’s the news story regarding Taylor Mitchell:

  6. Playing catch-up;

    Livre – common French currency until about 1800ish. Various, like pounds are various coins and paper, but silver was common. 300 was a pretty sweet reward in 1765.

    Mystery of the Anti-pitchfork Wolf Monster – it was likely a wooden pitchfork, which was king of straw, not as stabby on angry wolf. Think of it like trapping a snake head with a Y shaped stick.

    Here’s French dude in the 60s still using one. Easy to make your own, thus peasent friendly.


    Next episode!

  7. hahaha oh man Elf Quest isn’t just subtext, it’s almost blatantly stated in one of the early books. Within the first 3. Cutter and Skywise are said to have mated at least once.