Kevin, Joe, and Toren cover cocaine-laced products with papal approval, cocaine intake options, some personal insight on cocaine addiction from a friend of the show, plus cocaine-centric songs and movies! In case you hadn’t figured it out, this week’s topic is cocaine!

Music: “Cocaine Blues” by Luke Jordan




Kevin: 7/10
Joe: 6/10
Toren: 7/10

True Romance
Kevin: 9/10
Joe: 9/10
Toren: 8/10
Half Nelson
Kevin: 10/10
Toren: 8/10 (would have been higher if I knew why it was called ‘Half Nelson’)

12 Responses

  1. Ulysses S. Grant, at the end of his life, used cocaine all day to dull the pain of his throat cancer. He would take heroine at night to counter the coke.

  2. Frankly I’m shocked and outraged no love was sent out to Miami Vice, the television show! The show frequently included drugs and drug traffickers, particularly Cocaine. Hell, here’s an episode called Cocaine Falls! It has the word Cocaine right in the title! Shame on you all.

    Also, I recall a story from last year where a woman was caught smuggling cocaine in her breast implants.

    Finally, I cannot recall if you mentioned the guy who injected cocaine into his penis and had a three day erection during the sex episode but in case people were not aware…

  3. There is so very much more caustic material on cocaine, but I’ll just offer some more music explicitly talking about it:

    Cokie the Clown- NOFX

    Feel Good Hit of the Summer- Queens of the Stone Age

    1. i had the exact same thought. they should have done it… FOR SCIENCE!

      (seriously though, don’t do the stuff, folks.)

  4. What a wonderful episode! 🙂

    The bug thing reminded me of the opening scene of Through A Scanner Darkly (book & film) but I don’t recall if the drug the guy was on was Coke or not.

    And that dad was pretty stupid to tell his son they were lollies – of course he’s going to eat ten after that!

    Did you guys get Roger Ramjet a all (just on the Mighty Mouse issue)? We got it in the 80s in Australia and it was all about a superhero who’d get his strength from a “proton pill” – its a wonder it made it to tv, even then! Again, probably not Cocaine but drugs in cartoons.

    Well done guys, another cracker of an episode. 🙂

  5. While living in Bolivia for 2 years, I had the opportunity to consume a great deal of coca leaves. Most of the laborers and farmers in my town chewed it both during work and recreationally. While you were correct in pointing out its beneficial effects treating “mountain sickness,” it’s also used a great deal by workers because it alleviates feelings of hunger and thirst, allowing poor men to work long hours.

    While I’m sure many tourists in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia have chewed the leaves or made tea from them, there is a more effective way to activate the alkaloid in coca–a pinch of baking soda (“bico”) thrown into the “bola” raises the pH of the mouth and bass-ifies the active materials of the coca leaves. This often results in numbing of the cheek in novice coca chewers and demonstrates cocaine’s local anesthetic property. Other, more flavorful, activators include material produced from quinoa ashes and sugar resulting in a putty-like substance known as “sweet lye.”

    Anyway, love the show.. just wanted to throw in a piece of my own experience.

  6. Great show! I was saddened, though, to find that my depression matches a lot of cocaine test answers. I guess that’s why a college counselor might think chronic depression was college drug use.
    Keep giving the love to Horsetrack Hooligans!!! Great show.

  7. I used my phone to listen to this at x2 speed just to get that full cocaine Caustic Soda experience.