Kevin, Joe and Toren bring you organized sporting riots in France, a multi-billionaire ancient sports hero, hockey skates to the throat and all sorts of painful sporting insanity!

Music: “Bear In A Ladies Boudoir” by Cliff Edwards




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  • Derek

    Yay, first post! I know I haven’t listened yet (tomorrow morning’s ride to work listening), but the title made me think of this photo first, of a triple jumper breaking his shin as he’s jumping – very famous photo:

    Thought it was worth a mention.

    I dislocated my left elbow playing volleyball a few years ago and that was pretty gnarly. Needed a general to get it put back in. Gladly I don’t remember it, but apparently it made a number of my team mates nauseous. 🙂 All done healed up now.

    Can’t wait to listen.

  • Derek

    The second vid you linked to here made me think of the number of shins I’ve seen broken in AFL (Australian Football League – Aussie Rules football) games in the last few years – this one is a corker from 2005! (36 sec vid)

  • G A McKnight

    Personally I’ve had worse injuries cycling than in two martial arts. I come away with bruises from those whereas in the last year I’ve sprained both shoulders, both wrists and dislocated a bone in my hand from crashing the bike. :/

    • Lgemino

      You’re doing the martial arts wrong then.

  • Emily

    The shrovetide game– totally reminds me of calvinball. Here is a lovely comic to bring back some nostalgia:

    • Derek

      I’m pretty sure I played that against my 10yo nephew a few years ago.

    • Matt

      Calvinball. Awesome.

  • Daneel

    Ohhh, I anticipate a pretty good show full of mourning. I’m already in pain just for watching the videos. That fighter guy’s broken leg is… is something.

  • Amy

    Reminds me of the Platform Diving accident that happened in Edmonton, where one of the Diving competitors fractured his skull when he hit the platform. Brains everywhere. He died a week later. Apparently he kept coming too close to the platform during practice, and some of the other coaches and trainers did not want him to compete. But he did, and this time… The Lady was not on his side.

  • Chew

    Another breaking leg video:

  • Gavin Pitts

    Awesome episode. Malarchuk was damn lucky. Shame they didn’t get a closeup, so we could see the blood bouncing as it hit the ice (as human blood does!)

    Pop culture- Qudditch in HARRY POTTER can get pretty violent, with or without the intervention of soul-sucking grim reaper wannabes. And both versions of ROLLERBALL are brutal (though the remake is brutal due to the suckiness of the movie 🙂

    btw- thankyou for mentioning the homoeroticism of FIGHT CLUB. So many straight men I know love that film but are totally oblivious to the whole Narrator being in love with Tyler Durden thread. As a teen, it made me feel funny… in my druthers 🙂

  • banks!

    The most gruesome thing about that episode was Kevin’s Scottish accent. That wasn’t even Mike Meyer’s bad. That was a whole new level of bad!

    I used to live in Derby which is located in Derbyshire (pronounced Dar-beh-sheer for Kevin’s sake – ‘er’ in old english was pronounced ‘ar’) and not far from Ashbourne. I saw some of the Shrove Tuesday Football in action. Mostly I ate pancakes. Thank you Pancake Tuesday for giving me a reason to live.

    Speaking of Javelins! A girl in my high school hit herself with a javelin. It was a windy day and she threw the javelin more up that forward. Then the wind got a hold of it and blew it back at her. The javelin came down and hit her in the thigh and stuck in. I never saw the javelin hit but I did see her in the office waiting to go to the hospital. Bloody mess!

  • Skroonk

    The worst injuries in Greco-Roman wrestling were broken hearts.

    • Nick Curnow

      Or penile fractures.

      • Generaleesimo

        Please leave the joking to the hosts!

        • Joe

          Feeling a bit threatened, Kevin?

  • Skroonk

    Also, I’m surprised that Running Man or Deathrace 2000 weren’t mentioned in pop-culture. Mind you, there’s an endless list of movies that have sport injuries. Don’t forget about Rollerball.

  • Necromac

    Ummm, somebody fails their podcast maths test.
    2000 chariot races divided by 12 years is more like 165 per year than 20…

    So it would be something like 3 races per week, for 12 years.

  • Matt

    It’s been a while since I thought of this word, and I’m not sure if it’s Québec or France French, but soule can mean ‘extremely drunk’. I think it can also mean perversely full of food (so maybe it refers to the inflated ball?) but I seem to remember it being used on the same scale as ‘pissed’, ‘tanked’, ‘shitfaced’: “Ben, t’es soule!” It might also refer to a dude habitually in that condition. Any Jerques d’soude more francophone than me want to confirm/deny/speculate?

  • Matt

    All the above to suggest that etymologically the name of the game soule might have referred to a comparison with mass drunkenness or things generally being excessive…

  • Luke

    Just saw this today..

    Paulo Jorge gets teeth knocked out in football match:

  • O. C. P.

  • John Peacock

    You asked for a cover. Here is is:!/JP12x/status/189383471699996674/photo/1. Feel free to do what you like with it.
    Thanks again

    • Generaleesimo

      Nice work!

  • Lgemino

    Blood of Heroes! I love that film. The small fast character was called a “Quick” by the way

  • Calvin

    Blood Bowl! What a great mention, though I’ve only played the board game once, I really enjoy it and the video game.

    There was also Mutant League Hockey for Sega Genesis, and a Saturday Morning Cartoon called Mutant League. Though I guess those aren’t specifically injury related.

  • Lou Doench

    You guys missed the best part of the Sid Vicious injury. His opponent, Scott Steiner immediately made the cover and the ref did a quick 3 count. Meanwhile the super surprise guest run in for the Main Event, Road Warrior Animal, already on his way to the ring had missed the action. So he climbs into the ring and kicks poor Sid in the head, like yah do…

    BTW, Natalie Reed clued me into your podcast. I’m addicted.

  • Chew