Caustic Soda Live Extravaganza 2012

Not one, not two, but three guests join Toren, Joe, and Kevin for a live podcast event in Vancouver, BC on Sunday, March 25, 2012! We welcome Dr. Rob, Dr. Jenna, and Chris “Stewie” Stewart back on for a plethora of gruesome topics including the Demon Core, badgers, and the man with the giagantic scrotum.



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  1. The B-36 nuke wasn’t a practice nuke; it was a real nuke but the plutonium core removed. Lead was used to simulate the core’s weight. It had 500 pounds of high explosives, not uranium. The loss and search for the aircraft was not a big secret; the second search for the aircraft employed a local guide! The Canadians were notified and started searching for the survivors within minutes of the crew bailing out.
    1950 British Columbia B-36 crash

  2. The red fluid from the torpedo Dr. Rob saw was most likely Otto fuel II. It’s nasty stuff. It does not need an oxidant to burn which is why it’s used in torpedoes. When it burns it produces hydrogen cyanide gas. It is addictive but doesn’t provide a high. Torpedo maintenance personnel who have been exposed to it have been caught stealing it.

    1. thanks for the pictures Fred. Don’t think Toren could have picked a more perfect shirt to have worn.

  3. I send in a man with a giant tongue and I get no shout out! OH THE HUMANITY!

    I see in the pictures a placeholder for Jordan. Was he supposed to be there?

  4. I heard my name read on the podcast and had a huge grin on my face for the next hour, epic.

    On a serious note when epilepsy was brought up my mind immediately went to a comic written by a friend of mine who suffers from it, (though “suffers” seems like the wrong word) and has written a comic on the subject which can be found here: Basically it’s about some of his experiences growing up with it and information about what causes seizures and how to deal with them. Very interesting work by a couple of very talented guys.

    Also, my name is totally not made up “Kevin Leeson”, if that is your real name!

  5. That was a fantastic episode, and if you don’t mount a cross-country tour at some point, I’m going to agitate to have B.C. dumped into the ocean. (COME TO TORONTO.)

    Totally-not-flopping-around seizure anecdote: I once dated a woman who had (and mostly likely still has) some odd flavour of cerebral palsy, the name of which has long since disappeared from my tiny brain. She’d sometimes go silent in the middle of a conversation, her expression would go completely blank, and ten or fifteen seconds later, she’d blink and basically come back to life. It apparently made watching TV kind of interesting as, while the seizures didn’t happen all *that* often, she obviously had trouble with involved scenes and plot twists that could scream past unnoticed. It was kind of weird the first few times it happened in the middle of a phone call or an argument, too… people don’t usually ask you to back up to the bit right before their brain went haywire. She was, however, perfectly capable of continuing to walk down the street while it was going on; no word on what might happen if babies or microwaves got involved in those walks.

  6. Did I sense a hint of penis envy from Dr Jenna? She seemed a bit too excited at the prospect of a giant scrotum.