Cold War (Part 1)

Allan Newell joins us to talk about as many caustic facets of the cold war that we could fit into a 2 hour mini-series. In part one we talk about the origin and players, then get into Igor Gouzenko and the space race, including top-secret projects to nuke the moon!

Music: “I’m No Communist” by Carson Robison




3 Responses

  1. Hi Soda Jerks.

    One little follow-up to this interview I did with Kevin, Toren and Joe. I made the statement that Kim Philby was the person that Riley was based on in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. What I was trying to say was that Kim Philby was the the person the character that George SMILEY was trying to CATCH was based on. Sorry for the clumsy speech!

    Allan Newell

  2. hmp, i always wondered what inspired the ‘Mr. Show’ skit about America deciding to blow up the moon using a monkey piloting a rocket with a buncha nukes. it seemed as totally as random as everything else on that show. Now i know it was real-life crazy.
    speaking of comedy shows inspired by cold war shenanigans, Spitting Image did a bit where they reveal Glastnost and Peristroika were just made up words that Gorby and his advisors where developing as a joke to mess with Reagan and their own people. runners up were ‘Stalinwasabastardski,’ and ‘Bellbottomski’