Body Snatchers

Mortsafes, Chinese Corpse Brides, and stealing corpses for profit — Kevin, Toren, and Joe look at the creepy world of the body snatcher!

Music: “All Of Me” by Frank Sinatra



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  1. Just my two cents, but I thought the end of I Sell the Dead made the rest of a pretty good movie into a fantastic movie, much like Troll Hunter or Burn after Reading. I think it’s definitely worth finishing.

    I thought it might be interesting to look into the archaeological side of grave robbing, for science. Egyptian tombs and medieval crypts and things. Maybe as a follow up you guys could tackle the ethical questions. I remember reading that during the twenties there was an Egyptian craze that led to mummies being dug up and put on display, or unwrapped for an audience.

  2. Burke & Hare is the best John Landis’ movie since Coming to America, in my humble opinion, and I’m not even a great fan of Simon Pegg.

  3. There’s an episode of Bones – season 2 – Boneless Bride in the River – about Corpse Brides. Just in case anyone wants a piece of Corpse Bride pop culture.

  4. So with those mortsafe things: I take it they put a casket in one, buried it, had the funeral, then disinterred it six week later to reclaim the mortsafe device? Sounds like a lot of work. Must be that emotional aspect of wanting to defend the corpse, as Joe pointed out.

    Nice ep guys. Wonderfully gross (especially the ghost bride stuff). :o)

    What happened to Tanzler in the end? Did they arrest him for breaches of the Health Act or something (and not body snatching)?

  5. it wasn’t surrounding the cage Derek, it merely was placed over it. From what I can tell the bars went all the way to the sides of the coffin meaning the robber had to dig all the way under the coffin or find a way to remove the mortsafe. It also appears some mortsafes were permanent and not reused. I would imagine they would surround the safe but I could not verify this.

  6. Ah, so it was like spikes sunk down around the casket and over it so it could only be reached from underneath, which was presumably too awkward. Neat. Ta for that.

  7. Monkey Island 2 had the player doing a bit of body snatching in order to make a voodoo doll. Everybody likes a little bit of creepy-feelin’ in their ’90s adventure games, right?

  8. Also, bad news for Jon Snow: the oldest Urban Dictionary entry for “shiggles” is just shy of nine years old.

  9. Toren, you talked about Lovecraft and didn’t mention “Herbert West: Re-Animator”? No graves were dug up in the film, but the story is full of disinterrments. And then the abandoned reanimated dead burst through his basement walls and carry him away! Fun stuff. He has several other stories with grave robbing elements. If you don’t already, go listen to the fantastic H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast ( Great show guys! Toren, do you ever watch a film all the way through? Also, Creature Feature has a song called “Graverobber at Large” (I think that’s the name) which would have been perfect. I love you all.

  10. 1.) Good to see the Bones episode about Ghost Brides mentioned. It was the first I’d heard of it as well, which was a surprise to me. The show is an awful blend of procedural and soap opera. BUT, it has covered just about every nasty gooey topic Caustic Soda would probably ever have an interest in.

    2.) This little flash game seems appropriate for this topic

  11. Grave Robbers from Outer-Space is a great card game making jest of bad science fiction and horror movies. Don’t have the cards accessible, but there’s a good chance a character or action card particular to snatching is in there… Thanks for a fantastic show! I laughed my ass off at least 75% of the total time, like 98% of all the jokes.
    On another note- where’s a Herbert West DotHT song?! Speaking of which, Re-Animator is another sorely missed pop culture reference!

  12. Pardon me….just catching up…
    but…nominating “disturbing the badger” as a new euphemism for masturbation