Sorry we’re late. We had trouble getting this episode over the border! This week involves animals, drugs, and even drugs in animals! Kevin, Toren, and Joe are joined by the mysterious “Agent Smith” to take a look at the ups and downs — let’s face it mostly downs — of smuggling!

Music: “Caravan” by David Grisam



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  1. Great work , better late than never. but even better never late. and Budgie snugglers are Strayan slang for “speedos”. (brief swimming trunks)

  2. You put out 131 free episodes of the best podcast on the planet for 131 straight uninterrupted weeks so you think you deserve to slack off by day on the 132nd episode?

    But seriously, if I were a billionaire you four guys would be driving Lamborghinis and Dr. Jenna would have her own private lab with a dozen hunchback assistants and Dr. Rob would have his own particle accelerator. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Agree with Chew. You aren’t paid enough. When the ep wasn’t up yesterday I figured you finally got tired of it all and threw in the towell. Sorry about the technical troubles but glad thats all it is and not towell throwing.

    1. If it was a good impression, where’s the fun in that? It’s only entertaining if it’s vaguely insulting….

      1. It sounded more like David Brinkley.

        Pop culture. Was it in Once Upon a Time in America where the kids made a contraption for rumrunners made with a float and a bag of salt tied to sacks of bottles? If the Prohibition agents closed in on a rumrunner’s boat they could toss their bottles of booze overboard and escape. The salt would slowly dissolve and the bottles would float to the surface and the kids would collect them.

        Homer Simpson as the Beer Baron! It is discovered Springfield outlawed alcohol decades before and the town decided finally to enforce it. Homer started brewing bathtub gin and selling it to Moe, who had converted his tavern into a speakeasy. The penalty for smuggling alcohol is death by catapult. Homer, in some bizarre, poorly thought out plot with ex-Police Chief Wiggum, surrenders thinking he’ll get off lightly but is sentenced to the catapult. Seconds before he is to be launched it is discovered the law was repealed the day after it was made. “Marge, we’re going out. If we’re not back in two days avenge our deaths.”

  4. I was shaking, trying to hold in my laughter when I was listening to this on the bus. So many hilarious smuggling stories!

  5. if you search “glass toilet drug” under google images. the first image will show you what claims to be the infamous glass toilet.

  6. An ingenious way to smuggle hummingbirds. His pick-up line for women…” I got a pocket full of peckers!” Good thing he didn’t achieve ‘wood’.