We got requests for a more gross and offensive follow up episode, and we delivered. Pop culture artist Chris Woods joins us to talk about female genital mutilation in Swedish art, green Klu Klux Klan uniforms, Darth Vader four-ways, virgin boy eggs, pink slime, Russian space guns, and how faulty understanding of statistics led to a mother drinking herself to death. Plus: which is The Lesser of Two Evils, swallowing a couple dozen magnets or being a nuclear diver?

Music: “All That Meat and No Potatoes” by Fats Waller

Charity: V-Day




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  • Dahl

    Extremely disappointed by the response to the violentacrez episode.

    One’s adherence to the ideal of free expression only matters if you’re willing to defend the free expression of those who do things that *you* find disgusting; if adherence to the ideal does not include this then the ideal itself is meaningless as it only defends those things that do not need to be defended.

    That this episode expressed support for the idea that freedom of speech and right to privacy doesn’t count if you personally find the subject in question to be “a fucking asshole” blows my mind. This either means you’re operating by special rules (ie. this only cound for ME because I’m different from everybody else, a fundementally flawed approach to ethics), or you’re supporting the violation of your own rights to privacy and freedom of expression, essentially rendering those rights and freedoms moot.

    You can talk about if what this guy did is worse than what you think is okay all day long, but when you boil it down to the core what this guy did is no different form defiling a holy book; denying that it is means that you don’t understand what it means to defile something that someone else finds sacred even if you don’t agree with them.

    “Fuck that guy. Fuck his rights.”

    This statement was met with approval, and any ambiguity about how far this “fuck his rights” should stretch was left open, which leaves exactly what rights it is okay to violate *very* broad, otherwise there would’ve been felt a natural need to correct the ambiguity left by the statement.

    If you’re not willing to defend someone you don’t like when they do something you hate (but nonetheless harms no one, at least no more than could be argued for similar cases that are happily defended) then your word means shit when you defend these things that you think are fine but that other people don’t like.

    Extremely disappointed.

    • Joe

      We curtail rights all the time when people do socially unacceptable things. We deny their right to go anywhere they like by putting them in a prison when they do things that are especially unacceptable. Obviously society has rules and consequences when you break those rules. Punishment for breaking those rules include the curtailing of certain rights for actions deemed unacceptable by society.

      The right to free expression does not mean that you are free from the consequences of that expression, nor is it the only freedom that we have.

      ViolentAcrez lost the right to privacy yet he stole that same right from those innocent girls who had no choice. Where’s your outrage at him for doing that? Oh right, he’s allowed to post identifiable photos of underage girls, but the minute he gets a taste of his own medicine the Internet cries foul. Better call the whambulance!

      I defend the rights of a great many people I disagree with. I hate the Westboro Baptist Church and their message, but argue that they should be allowed to say what they say, as hateful as it is.

      That does not compare to the damage ViolentAcrez has done with his “expression”. He didn’t create original art, he didn’t generate this speech on his own, it’s not simply him talking about disgusting or reprehensible things. He posted photos of other people who are underage without their permission to sexually-oriented wankforums. How can you defend that action as “free expression” and completely ignore the trampled rights of anyone else involved?

      Fuck him. Fuck his rights. There’s a part of me that thinks he should be put into a room with the parents of every one of those children at once with locked doors and no questions asked an hour later when we let everyone out.

      Do you have a child? A niece, maybe? Or a young cousin? Did ViolentAcrez post any pedophile-titillating photographs of them? How would you feel if they had? What if that child had died and he’d posted a photo of them in r/deadjailbait? What if that child’s mother found out later that pedophiles had been masturbating to the photograph of her dead child?

      When your actions cause damage you get punished. The only punishment ViolentAcrez has received so far is that he lost his mask of anonymity and has to deal with the social repercussions of his actions. He chose to shut himself down and stop doing what he’s doing because of that. The coward can’t even stand up for his own free expression!

      If he was truly in the right, why would he stop? If I said something I believed in and got outed, I’d stand by my statement. Shit, I don’t hide anywhere so this wouldn’t even happen. Then again, I don’t hide because I’m not a terrible person like ViolentAcrez.

      ViolentAcrez is a scumbag human cockroach who only has the courage to do what he does in the shadows and crevices of society. Once the spotlight got shined on him he scuttled away and begged to be left alone — a plea his victims never even got to make.

      Fuck him.

      • Kevin

        Hear! Hear! A fantastic rebuttal from our friendly neighborhood Joe Fulgham! Well played.

      • MissFelis

        *slow clap*

        I agree with Joe 100%, and actually wanted to come to the website to say that. It’s cathartic to see a troll get even half of what he deserves.

    • Toren Atkinson

      Which is the lesser of two evils, defending an alleged child porn guy or arguing with Joe for an entire episode?

      • Joe

        Lesser of Two Evils.

        <3 Stewie!

        • Chris

          I’m sure child pornographers can’t be all bad…

          • Kevin

            You may be right. As a person they may not be bad, but ‘fantasizing’ over nude or semi-nude young children is a terrible thing!

            Everyone has a weakness, and some people’s weaknesses are morally unacceptable and against the law.

            Knowing that you have a problem like that and not acting on it is one thing, but when ViolentAcrez posted those pictures and shared them with the world he crossed that line for me. Never in my life would I want someone taking pictures of my little ones, Heaven forbid one of them dies and someone has pictures and unspeakable things to them in their mind.

            “May the CausticSoda Podcast forever make your skin crawl, and your stomach turn”

          • Chris

            My wit, it is too dry…

    • Jon Paynter

      Oh, the irony of arguing for free expression, while bitching about Joe freely expressing his opinion.

  • banks!

    Funniest Caustic Soda ever. That Lesser of Two Evils was hysterical. Well done everyone. Very enjoyable.

    • banks!

      Funniest episode ever and yet most serious replies. Didn’t anyone hear that bit about snuffleupagus burning to death on Mercury? Genius!

  • Gord Cooper

    I agree with Joe completely. There are people in this world that manage to ‘get by’ because the letter of the law and the ethics of being a human don’t always line up.

    While ViolentAcrez may not be breaking any laws, if he ever did what he did to any of my children, godchildren, or extended family, I’d take that 5 minutes alone with him and not feel a single mote of remorse, due to the fact that we don’t have laws in place that deal with the ‘relative’ ethicality of secondhand abuse, while it is still obviously abuse.

    If there was some kind of ‘manslaughter’ equivalent for child pornography, he’s committed it in spades, and deserves the court of social justice, since the law won’t do anything about it.

    That’s not the talk of ‘vigilante justice’, either, it’s the voice of laws that haven’t yet been penned in an age where crimes like this exist unchecked.

  • Dr Rob

    Oh the irony! The trollboywankers get mad at the outing of VA, saying he broke no law. Well, guess what, cupcakes? The person who outed VA didn’t break the law either. VA lost his job. Boo hoo. How many families had their hearts shattered?

  • Chris Woods

    Thanks for letting me pimp my SANDSTORM stuff guys! Another great show despite my inclusion.

  • Zhu Bajie

    If you follow Hong Kong sword and sorcery movies, you’ll learn that the urine of small boys has all kinds of magical properties. In “Young Taoism Fighter,” one of the Pai Mei movies, Pai Mei is stealing the urine of boys so he can drink it and thus acquire their chi! (You may remember Pai Mei from “Kill Bill II”.)

    • Jon

      Yeah, well Asians are weirdos.

      • Joe


  • Steven

    Hi guys, I just want to point out a big problem with pink slime is that many people don’t get enough protein in their diet period and the protein in ‘pink slime’ is almost pure collagen and completely useless to the body. This isn’t bad on the surface (pork rinds are almost pure collagen) but if the only protein you get is collagen it can be very problematic for the human body.

    A notable example is a line of weight loss shakes in the 1980’s that used cheap collagen instead of whey protein to save money. The problem was that without protein muscle tissue breaks down quickly and peoples hearts started deteriorating and eventually failing and the shakes were quickly pulled.

    Most people barely get their ~70g of protein a day so making a large portion of that useless is very, very bad for your health.

    Otherwise an excellent episode and I’m with you guys on ViolentAcrez, fuck that guy.

  • Steven

    Regarding the Green Klansman, he’s not big into recycling, just being a huge dick. Different cloak colours denote rank in the klan:

    Purple – Imperial Wizard
    Green – Grand Dragon
    Reddish-purple – Great Titan
    Black – Knighthawk (security)
    Red – Kleagle

    Basically this guy is chief douchebag.

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