Hunting Humans

The most dangerous game! Drag hunting, paintball, tons of pop culture, plus the true horrible story of Robert Hansen. Alsoplus: Which is the lesser of two evils, hunting down someone close to you, or hunting someone you’ve never met?

Music: “Looking Around Corners For You” by Tommy Dorsey




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  1. There is an episode of the original Transformers cartoon where a hunter, after being introduced ‘hunting’ a Soviet fighter, decides he wants the head of Optimus Prime. What always stuck with me on that episode was that there were a pair of Decepticons who stumbled on this and were following along hoping to see what happens. Prime, seeing an obvious trap, avoids it, but the two Decepticons poke it, and end up trapped, leading to Prime looking back and commenting, “What do you know, a booby trap that caught a pair of boobies.”

  2. Re: Toren’s Jab at Magic the Gathering

    For those of us that share your sentiment of MtG being a pay-to-win game, there are ‘limited’ formats, where players begin the evening with unopened packs of cards, and play only with what they open that night.

    1. What browser and OS are you using? There was a security flaw in our previews web-player and I had to switch to a new one which isn’t Flash-based. Older browsers may have troubles with it.

      I’m going to guess you have an old version of Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome Browser is free and supports all the latest bells and whistles. Firefox is also excellent.

  3. Any episode featuring paintball is a good one in my book! 😀

    I’m lucky I never got any really painful injuries from playing it, but I did manage to hit a friend twice in a row on the inner thigh. They were long-range shots, but they both hit exactly the same spot, right over the femural artery. Now THAT was a welt.

    Also, I love it how the “most dangerous game” cliché conveniently forgets humans are both pack hunters and tool users. Wanna have a good challenge hunting down people? Let ten guys free in a forest and give them pistols and a fifteen minute headstart. Alternatively, go back in time to the Vietnam war! 😀

  4. Hi guys, thx for a fun podcast! My brother introduced me to it with the Doomed expeditions show, pure gold ^^, I would like too hear this new one but for some reason I can’t seem to be able to stream any of them anymore. Is there some server problems or something?

    A big Caustic cheer from Sweden! =D

  5. If you like “so bad they’re good” movies I would recommend Deadly Prey: a mercenary group kidnaps, and hunts, people off the streets in order to train their men, until, they kidnap Michael ‘Mike’ Danton (Ted Prior) a former marine, who fights back in Ramboesque fasion

  6. …actually there was a remake of Fantasy Island made in the late 90s starring Malcolm McDowell. I caught reruns of it on the SciFi (or is it SyFy now?) Channel a few years ago.
    Mr. Roarke’s supernatural powers were played up more than they were in the original series. He also had several assistants who could be classified as either familiars or reincarnated souls who worked for him.

    I also remember watching the Saturday night Love Boat/Fantasy Island block with my mother when I was a kid.
    We would wonder about Mr. Roarke and what kind of creature he was. We knew he was old by hints from people who came to the island. There were also the episodes where Roarke would face off against The Devil (played by Roddy McDowall – Cornelius is that you?) for either the souls of his guests or even his own.
    Was he a reformed fallen angel doing penance by granting wishes to mortals?
    Was he Prospero from The Tempest?
    Was he an ancient wizard who gained immortality?
    Is he one of the Djinn?
    We ever found out of course but it was fun speculating.

  7. Sliding off-topic, but….

    I was in my early teens back in the day of Fantasy Island, and while too much living between then and now means I don’t remember many specific episodes (though the flying dutchman episode gives clues that Mr. Roarke is indeed quite old).

    If young people were to watch shows like Love boat or many other top-rated shows from back then, they would seriously consider having everyone over 40 shipped off to a gulag. I ask the youth to please consider, those were simpler times and the whole world was recovering from the acid wars of the 60’s

    I think that given current storytelling on many modern shows, with the acceptance of darker material (ie Dexter), that a reboot of Fantasy Island might be due. It is too bad that Ricardo Montalban is not around; I think he would have been very capable in the modern storytelling technique.

    Also, back on-topic – many episodes of Dexter, are essentially hunting a human….


  8. I rather quite liked the Hunger Games story, I know you guys didn’t seem to like the movie – which is fair, cause it was a poor adaptation of the book. I actually saw the movie first and was intrigued enough that I read the books and liked them quite a bit. Just wanted to say that, cause it seemed that neither of you had read the books.

    1. My husband felt the same way. I read the trilogy before going to see the first movie and he came along. It was enough to get him to listen to the audiobook, which he enjoyed much more than the movie. Also the complaints about the “lead up” to the game are EXTREMELY important to the trilogy. The “Hunger Games” is just a part of the overall story and acts as a tipping point for later conflict.

  9. Props on having read Richard Bachman’s (Stephen King, of course) Running Man. Much better than the movie IMHO. Now that I think of it, the book made me think of another human hunting film: the mockumentary Series 7 ( If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth it, although all the handycam footage is a bit sickening. It’s a reality tv show where five or six random people get given guns and told to kill all the other competitors, where the arena is simply around town with no protection for the public. Reality TV gone mad sort of idea. Give it a year or two, I say. They have to expand on all this Masterchef and home renovation shows soon.

    A (mostly) much lighter ep this time round. Great work guys!

    Oh, I had another idea for you too. I’ve nearly finished listening to the audiobook of Life of Pi, and saw the film the other day, and it occurred to me that Lost At Sea or Castaway might have some gnarly stories for you.

    1. I was coming here to recommend Series 7 as well. I thought it was a great movie, especially when it was made before reality TV got to the point where it is now. It was a good predictor of how bad it’s gotten.

  10. Btw, Joe, rendering of the included images is a bit off on an iPad: the images look like they’re laid out to wrap on the display’s width, not taking into account the navbar (?) on the right side of the page.

    1. Yeah, it’s the new gallery layout WordPress’ “JetPack” plugin offers. It’s a sort of known-issue, but not a huge deal. I’ll see if I can tweak it, but the new swipeable carousel via that same plugin is really nice on iPad.

  11. Southern Comfort was about human hunting but it sucked. The Cajuns digging up the dead soldiers, carrying the bodies by foot through a swamp and somehow managing to overtake the soldiers without being seen, and then hanging the dead soldiers up in trees right in the surviving soldiers path stretched credulity.

  12. Bahahahahaha, ’tis a shame you guys didn’t subject yourselves to the John Leguizamo movie “The Pest”. >:D

  13. Hey guys, just thought I would mention relating back to (I think it was Joe, that talked about worshipping the gods of 80’s actions movies) but there is a comic called Scud the Disposable Assasin created by Rob Schrab, and in it are a group of men/aliens/other creatures called the ‘Grittites’ who worship extreme manliness and explosions (their ‘god’ is Hank Grit, which is based off John Wayne). Just thought I would share that and if you have’nt read Scud, I highly recommend checking it out as it is very caustic-y, full of zombies, zombie animals/dinosaurs, Vodoo Ben Franklin, and yes even Robotophiles (people that love to have sex with robots).

    1. Hey, I just wanted to leave you a compliment on your podcast. I am previewing podcasts for a school project and your podcast was recommended by a “Top 10” site. I downloaded your “jellyfish” episode and your “hunting humans” episode thinking “I find jellyfish amusing and I wonder if they’ll go too far in the hunting humans one and I’ll just switch it off”. I listen to all of both of them and I really enjoyed them. You guys are a great mix of fun and professional. I think I’m going to be a regular listener from here on out.

  14. Just so you know, there are actually going to be 4 Hunger Games movies in total. The last one (Mockingjay) is split into 2 movies due to the mass of things covered in it.

  15. The transfer of The Hunger Games book to movie left a few stones unturned.I personally think that was done intentionally because if the little bit of social injustice intrigued you from the movie, you might be inclined to read the books. As is the case in many adaptations from books to film, the books hold many more pieces to make things fit. The sense of altruism, love, loss, excess, the hungry, the weak and finding the power to fight back(there was more to the stunt with the berries and Mockinjay pin than meets the eye) You have these people of almost all the districts who fight to put food on the table and then you have the Capitol that’s completely oblivious to that world.
    So back to what you said about the movie…yup, on the surface it may seem like another story retold but it is very different. You also have to keep in mind that this book, when it came out, was on the reading list for grade 7…so of course the movie needed to cater to that to a degree.