Joe, Kevin, and Toren discuss marijuana’s many odd nicknames, effects, history of use, and some of the outrageous anti-marijuana propaganda of the 20th Century. After the break it’s time for the weirder side of stoner movies, including Super High Me and the “Evil Bong” series.

Music: “That Cat Is High” by The Ink Spots




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  1. Though personally I don’t choose to get high for various reasons and really don’t get the sub-culture, with the amount of studies done on it compared to alcohol and the currently large amount of legal Paraphernalia for it, its about time to stop pretending, and legalize it.
    The only thing I’d like to see is better testing for things like impaired driving; current testing is lack lustered and kind of stalled on measuring TCH, which can stay in the blood stream for a long time, long after impairment has ended. I kind of hope there’s some new testing around the corner. This is not to say it be any worse than alcohol, just that it should fall under the same realm from a legal point of view.

  2. Small correction – The reason UK smokers use tobacco in joints is that they are using cannabis resin which needs a burning medium if not smoked in a pipe. Grass is not readily available as it needs far more volume to import to a small island where it is not grown en mass.

    Also, as the cigarette manufacturers know, burning is dependent on density and paper weight. The tighter the roll and heavier the paper the more likely it is that the cigarette will not go out during consumption, or burn your house down. Designed to ensure cigarettes will be smoke completely not saved for later.

  3. heh, i bet a Blockbuster employee put their stash in that game thinking ‘NOBODY would ever buy this game so it should be safe!’ and in hindsight thought ‘damn, shoulda put it in Gigli instead…’

  4. If you don’t want to EVER use marijuana, please, for the love of God, do not watch this scene from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Also, do not watch it high:

  5. Very interesting ep, guys, though I’m surprised that there was no mention of links to schizophrenia – that’s what I seem to recall hearing about in the news in Australia. I’ll do a little digging and see if I can find anything interesting.

    Also I watched the Oliver Stone film Savages last year, which is about a couple of college dropouts who use their knowledge of chemistry to grow better weed than the Columbians (Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro) and outcompete them for market in California (something like that anyway). It was a vaguely interesting film, a bit gruesome in parts, a bit odd in others, and the shared girlfriend idea was also an interesting twist. A slightly more appealing if less realistic story than Blow.

    1. My understanding is that the link to schizophrenia is another one of those things that can be uncovered by cannabis use if it already exists, but won’t be flat out caused by it. If I went back and checked the resources I used for my thesis I could come up with some scientific literature on it, but I’m pretty sure I’m remembering it right.

      1. Yeah, I thought it was something that would bring it out if you had a re-existing susceptibility to it too. Couldn’t find anything in my search, so I have nothing hard to offer.

        It’s a pity Dr Rob didn’t join the guys on this one – I think his perspective on a number of issues raised would have been valuable.

        1. Like any potent pharmaceutical, the effects can vary between individuals and over time with the same individual. In my youth, I was a heavy user of marijuana & derivatives, but I was also curious as to why these had an effect. I was able to get a copy of several interesting books, including “The encyclopedia of recreational drugs” and a Canadian Crown report from the 70’s, on the legalization of recreational drugs – Interesting that this commission, formed of representatives of ALL political parties, recommended that ‘soft’ drugs be regulated the same as alcohol, and ‘hard’ or physically addictive drugs be de-criminalized, and addiction treated as a medical condition, not a legal concern.

          Despite extremely heavy consumption of marijuana, I eventually just lost interest in being “high” – probably due to the fact that rather than having a lot of fun anymore, I just wanted to sleep. I have many friends who have continued to use (for DECADES now) and they are still honest, working, tax paying, kids-raising, non-criminal citizens.

          To follow-up on the comment by alaskansee: growing up in Alberta, we often saw a lot more hashish, and ‘oil’ as we called the liquified resin.
          Black Oil was derived from good quality hashish, and Green Oil directly from the raw buds, Red Oil was refined Black Oil, the HOLY GRAIL was Honey Oil – very refined, high THC content. This was mostly mixed with tobacco to consume, but there were other options ;D

          I kinda wish I could have been in the room for this episode – I really lived the Head sub-culture back in the 70’s/80’s…

  6. I’ve been completely off it for about 4 years, but prior to that I went through a phase of doing little other than sleeping and smoking pot.

    My favourite thing to do while I was stoned: stretching! Some gentle yoga feels great and you can hold the postures for ages while you zone out on whatever else.

    For munchies, try frozen raspberries (you might want to use chopsticks, they get a little messy as they melt). They are so flavour rich and sucking on them is really satisfying while stoned.