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We discuss several instances of people cast away to deserted islands in history, and provide a PSA on how to survive! We also analyze Robinsonades such as Robinson Crusoe (on Earth and on Mars), Swiss Family Robinson, Lost in Space, Lord of the Flies, and more. I can’t believe we didn’t talk about Cast Away!

Music: “Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night?” by Al Jolson



Robinson Crusoe On Mars by crazedigitalmovies

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  1. The Lost smoke monster and polar bear was more a bait with no hook situation not a hook with no bait…because unfortunately I have watched every episode and yeah that shit pisses me off!

    And hey for my first ever ” I can’t believe you didn’t mention…”: Cast Away?

  2. What I want to know is, when they guy was marooned for Sodomy, where was the other person involved? You can’t sodomize yourself! So why weren’t they sent away too? Questions, Questions…

    1. At the time, the “detestable Sin of Sodomy” was “an offence against God and nature”. That was considered a capital offence, meaning that the offender(s) would be put to death for their crime.

      Sodomy sometimes included act of bestiality, necrophilia, and fellatio, so there need not be another person involved, willing, or otherwise.

      The real mystery is why Leendert Hasenbosch was allowed the chance to live.

  3. That bonus ‘Robinson Crusoe On Mars’ song wasn’t the one I’d heard sung by Johnny Cymbal.

    Who sang it?

  4. “Lost” was a lot better than a lot of people say. It’s true that they set up quite a few ideas that ended up nowhere, but 90% of all the mysteries were explained, and they were not “dead all the time.” The island was real, they were really marooned, they really travelled through time. Purgatory was only during the final season.

    There was a “Crusoe” TV series that came out four or five years ago. It had Sam Neill in it and was pretty good.

    I’m surprised you haven’t talked about “Cast Away” yet.

  5. I feel like Lost needs a little defending here, against two of the accusations that were leveled against it. Like it or dislike it, but based on the actual show, not what people are saying about it. (Spoilers folllow.)

    -“Nothing gets explained.” Actually quite a lot got explained (I’m tempted to say almost everything, but it’s been a while, so I’m probably forgetting a bunch), although not everything was explained explicitly. A lot of it was just merged into the background of later stories. In fact, I thought the show was quite clever in how they played with time, to explain stuff: in the first three seasons there were flashbacks, in the fourth flash forwards and in the fifth there was time travel, all of which were used to offer clues to and explanations of earlier encountered mysteries.

    -“At the end it turned out they all died in the plane crash.” This was emphatically *not* what happened. I’m always surprised when people claim this, because it’s a 180 degree turn from what was portrayed in the show. In the sixth and final season of the show, instead of flashbacks/forwards or time travel, there were these flash ‘sideways’ to some kind of alternate reality. At the end of the show it turned out that this alternate reality was something that the Lost characters had constructed together due to the strong bond they had formed during their time on this magical island and where they all went after they died (each in their own time, some died on the island, some long after, but all *after* the crash). The fact that the stuff shown on the show actually happened to the characters was the crux of it all, that was the catalyst to form this bond which led to them creating this alternate reality. This alternate reality was *not* an explanation of the whole show, just of the ‘flash sideways’ that happened in the sixth season.

    What I personally didn’t like about the show (and this ties in to both points), is that, while the first five seasons were fairly ‘realistic’, in the sense of a mystery/science fiction show, in the last season suddenly the answer to everything that hadn’t been answered already became “magic”, “ghosts”, “supernatural” and more “magic”. The show suffered as a consequence imo and the characters which had driven the show for years, suddenly took a back seat to these supernatural powers playing out their little game. What a waste.

  6. OMG…that last song!?! It left me breathless (from nauseation that is)! Yikes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the discussion of “Lord of the Flies”. It really took me back to my childhood – when I was the overweight, asthmatic, myopic kid in the English class studying that novel (or as the rest of the class viewed it, instruction manual)!

    Now all I hear when I turn out the lights is a whisper “Kill the pig! Kill the pig!…”

    Oh well, I guess this podcast IS about traumatic experiences!

  8. I love how you guys have been doing this show for years, talking to doctors and scientists, and you still say things like “Do birds have skin?” ;0