Season 5 Fundraiser Clock Is Ticking!

Our fundraiser for Season 5 has already succeeded far beyond our expectations, and thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far. We hit our $10k stretch goal to create a Caustic Soda web pilot last night, and the total is still going up.

For those that haven’t pitched in, you have 12 hours left (as of this posting) to be able to have “I supported their first web pilot” bragging rights! Every little bit counts, giving us better production values and more options.

Time is running out: Join the fundraiser now!

Update: And it’s finished with an incredible $11,641! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us. We’ve been blown away by your support. First thing is to get all the perks made and sent out to our supporters. If you haven’t let us know your shirt details, email with that info ASAP!

After that’s done we’re going to have to figure out just what kind of show our web pilot will be.

And there’ll probably be a live show (or two) in the near future! Keep listening!