Toxicity Part 2 of 2

Food tasters, Wiley’s poison squad, tetra ethyl lead, pesticide-contaminated lunches, a new botulinum toxin, and the usual pop culture. Plus – what’s the lethal dose of various toxins? With Dr. Jenna Moccia, part 2 of 2!

Music: “Spooky Scherzo” by Sam Fonteyn



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  1. FYI: The Doctor Who episode you discussed in the podcast was The Two Doctors, not The Five Doctors. The Two Doctors featured Colin Baker’s Doctor crossing over with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. It was a staple of the Colin Baker era of the show that the Doctor was more… brutal – hence poisoning Shockeye with cyanide.

  2. I really enjoy these podcasts, but this week’s subject matter reminded me to finally go to the comments section and write this:

    Anything you reference that is considered ancient history (c. 3000 BCE – 700 CE) is usually entirely incorrect or based on misinterpreted information (this is coming from an ancient historian). I am not blaming you because the world and especially the internet are full of incorrect things on ancient history.

    I think it would be so nice to do a podcast on what I study (as you have brought many fascinating subjects up yourselves during the show): emperors, orgies, slaves, death, gladiators, etc. You consult other experts to make sure your information is more or less accurate, you can do the same for ancient history which is full of accurate information that is even better than the mythic lies that have been passed down to our present culture.

    1. We did a POISON episode early in Season 1, which touched on that, but it was very early in our run so might not have been as thorough as we would have been in subsequent seasons. Until a re-do of POISONS seems like a good idea, I’m afraid antidotes will stay on the back burner.

      1. Perhaps a stand-alone antidote episode? I know, doesn’t really make sense. But there’s such a rich history of antidotes in pop culture – not sure about history.

        Thanks for the reply.