Pull our finger, Soda Jerks! Instead of pretending fooling people is comedy this April Fools we’re celebrating the gross that makes you laugh: flatulence! Why we fart, why it smells, and faaaaaarts innnnn spaaaaace! Then fart history with Japanese Fart Scrolls, Benjamin Franklin’s demand for fart science, professional flatulists and fartistes, Adolf Hitler’s other offensive gas, and is that a soviet sub or is something farting in the ocean?

In the news we’ll look at a few people fired for farting on-the-job, fart-lighting injuries, the return of “Shit Dick”, and a flatulence-caused stabbing. Then we select some personal favorites and new weird finds in flatulence pop culture.

Plus: The world’s oldest known joke!

Music: “Big Dick Farts a Polka” by Jonathan Coulton




12 Responses

  1. A somewhat more whimsical episode though with an old favourite guest-spert to balance it out.

    What maybe shouldn’t surprise anyone is that farts feature fairly prominently in the newly released (and critically acclaimed!) “South Park: Stick of Truth” as well as in the tv show. It’s a pretty crappy (though minor) game mechanic in a game that is a must play for fans of RPGs and the show, highly recommended!

    As a footnote to the herring fart-info it’s now fairly widely believed that at least some of the submarine sightings/sound on the sonar recordings was made by allied forces (such as from West Germany), though to what extent this was with the navy’s and/or the government’s tacit approval is still occasionally debated in the press, especially in conjunction with the subsequent investigations that have been made.

  2. This episode stinks!

    There I said it. I’m not proud of myself, but it had to be done.

  3. I knew the answers to the last two questions! Termites, btw, fart 2 liters of hydrogen gas after eating a sheet of paper. If scientists can isolate the gut process we’ll have a renewable hydrogen gas supply.

  4. OMG, that was one of the funniest episodes yet! There should be a warning on episodes like this: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IN PUBLIC, OR PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU’RE CRAZY! I guess I should have known better, given the fact that this episode was about farts and, well, it’s you guys.

  5. It was dissappointing that you did not make reference to a song by ‘The Bobs’ called ‘The Vapor Carioca’. Highly recommend that you look it up and give it a listen.

    Excellent work, love the show.

  6. I’ve always wondered, Dr Rob, is the shape of the anal canal inheritable? Because I swear I sound like my father sometimes (when it comes to farts, not politics).