Hugs! Also, tickle torture, the “death touch,” touch in plants, Temple Grandin and the squeeze machine, the effects of ciguatera poisoning, news and pop culture. Part 2 of 2

Music: “That Old Feeling” by Guy Lombardo & His Orchestra



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  • Katie

    Sad fact: I am ticklish EVERYWHERE on my body. It’s terrible. I had a boyfriend that enjoyed taking advantage of the fact that I’m ticklish everywhere. Unfortunately, I also flail defensively when tickled. I can’t tell you how many injuries I both sustained and doled out when he decided to tickle me.

  • Lovisa Wiklund

    I’ve also been elbowed in the nose by my boyfriend when I was going to hug him from behind and accidentally tickled him. He felt so bad about it so he baked a cake for me so it ended up alright.

  • Cassandra

    The guy in the laughing video probably has either laughter-induced syncope or cataplexy. Just thought you might want to know 🙂

  • Ermine

    Oho my friends, you think having a Realdoll for a girlfriend is stretching belief? Think again…

    I remember seeing photos and info from this posted on the net a while back, and yes, a couple of the guys had introduced their parents to their “girlfriend”, and the parents seemed to be playing along amiably. They’d put the doll in a wheelchair and take her out to dinner, to the zoo, to the beach, etc. Not that it’s a problem – if that’s what makes them happy, then great, at least they won’t get into fights with her – but I have to admit I find it super creepy…