Poaching, tiger attacks, escaped tigers, killing tigers to show off wealth, as well as tigers in pop culture. Also “Myth or Fiction? Tiger parts in quackery” and how to survive a tiger attack.

Music: “Tiger Rag” by The Mills Brothers

Charity of the week: Big Cat Rescue



WARNING: Gore – Boy’s arm after being attacked by tigerMORE GORE


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  • JoJoLeigh

    Great episode!!

  • Allan Newell

    Can’t speak for dogs, but even housecats’ noses are called nose leather. Great ep!

  • Mika

    I’d like to put I’m my bid for the newly changed “squad of squids” as best name for a group of animals. Can’t forget that gem. Love the episode, as always.

    • Brenton Walters

      While I appreciate the ambush of tigers, etc, it does constantly bother me that the collective nouns thing is a thing. They’re just made up.

  • bred

    I think you should add a picture of Hobbes pouncing Calvin as he comes home from school even though he wasn’t mentioned in Pop Culture. Then again, what does it matter what I think, you guys just have me listen to this show because I’m easy on the eyes.

    • Eternally Learning

      Yeah, I don’t usually comment on things the guys “should have talked about,” but in this case I think Hobbes should have at least gotten a nod considering his habit of ambushing Calvin.

  • claw

    The tiger attack at Sigfried and Roy’s show was practically fortold on the ‘Marge gets addicted to gambling/mr burns casino’ episode of the simpsons. while the tiger is performing tricks the S&R analogs remark how the beast’s life is so much better now then in the wild of africa. the tiger recalls them capturing him, and then promptly expresses its displeasure accompanied screams of ‘nein! zee tiger! aaaaah!’ ah, petard hoists

    • Him Again

      Of course that tiger was harnessed on to a unicycle with a beany hat on with a smoking pipe held in its mouth being forced to blow bubbles so its not an uncannily accurate prophecy…. then again I don’t know the specifics of the trick they had planned.

  • Him Again

    Oddly theres a few stories in the news this week about tigers.
    One on the loose in France.
    The squads of guys partoling for it look pretty formidable with their rifles and tracking dogs.
    Or rather they would if I had not seen the footage attached to the latest podcast now all I can think is that those poor fools dont even have elephants!

    Anouther story on the BBC giving some information about locals in a region between india and bangladesh with a local celebrity who has personally survived three seperate tiger attacks.

  • Taylor

    Fun Fact! The original voice for Tony the TIger was Thurl Ravenscroft, who also sang the “You’re a Mean one, Mr. Grinch” song from the animated holiday classic. I love that song/scene so much more when I imagine Tony the Tiger demeaning the Grinch.

  • Nessa

    Movie “Two Brothers”

  • Geraard Spergen

    Can’t believe the tiger attack on Christmas Day at the San Francisco Zoo didn’t make the News. Right at closing time, conflicting reports on tiger-taunting including possibly urinating in the tiger enclosure. Tiger got out, mauled three young men and one died. Cops shot the tiger dead.


    • Derek

      Poor tiger. 🙁

      And those NSFW pics were amazing, in a bad way. At least he’ll have trouble climbing over barriers now. I guess that could be seen as an insensitive comment though.

  • Tim

    Don’t forget the Frantics, Fishing with Live Bait sketch when they use a Bengal tiger for bait.
    Have you finished the Alice in Wonderland trifecta of Lions, and Tigers and Bears? To lazy to check the archives for myself.

  • Tim

    Forgot to add the Monty Python link for A Tiger in Africa? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLdk2C25Z14

  • KenR

    Also for pop culture (kinda) – Rakshasas, the shape-shifting tigers of D&D that were lifted from Indian mythology.

  • zytheran

    In the News: “A Chinese man has been jailed for 13 years for buying and eating endangered tigers and making wine made out of their blood, state media reported.”


  • Derek Weber

    Positive news:
    India’s tiger population jumps 30 per cent