On October 4th, 2014, because you demanded itToren, Joe and Kevin appeared live at the Northwest Podcast Festival with four hilarious friends to choose between two horrible fates.

Music: “Hookworm (Live)” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

If you enjoyed this special Lesser of Two Evils Marathon and want more, we’ve got three segments available as Pay-What-You-Want bonus content on Caustic Gear:



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  • Nick Santini

    I wish I lived closer to you guys! The live events like this sound like a good time.

  • Diogo Lima

    When I heard “Enjoy your burrito” I was like “wait, what?”
    Unexpected podcast crossover…

  • Amy N., Seattle

    Hey you guys! You and your guests are almost always on point with your humor and passively address at least the potential darker side, providing a nice balance. It didn’t really feel like you guys acknowledged how dark that darker side is this time when in regards to the limbs of albinos being cut off being a serious issue. People literally hunt other people, especially children, just to cut off their limbs and let them die in agony from blood loss, or else to live their whole lives without having arms or other limbs. You don’t tan if you are albino, you burn and put yourself at risk of skin cancer unless you wear ounces and ounces of sunscreen. Usually you guys acknowledge darker aspects more, and that allows the dark humor to go over better and at least seem a bit balanced. The facts you usually have allows the humor to come across as less ignorant and or offensive. Thanks for your podcasts!

  • Derek Weber

    I’ve got a tagline from that Tanzanian albino revenge film for you: “They thought he was ‘armless…”

  • Ian Boothby

    Turns out I was wrong about someone dying in Ben Hur. http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/benhur.asp

  • Joel Hacker

    Having recently taught unruly high schoolers about the triangle shirtwaist factory fire…that ladder that was too short? It was literally the tallest ladder in the entire city.
    Also, to this day it is unknown exactly what started the fire, but it is assumed to be a match or yes a cigarette butt, carelessly tossed into a scrap bin.

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