Heroin, Part 2

Our look at heroin continues with trafficking, the Golden Triangle, a public service announcement, the “North London Turk”, GG Allin, plus a selection of pop culture including The Man with the Golden Arm, Trainspotting, The Barbarian Invasions, and more pop culture!

Music: “Straighten Up And Fly Right” by Works Off Progress



8 Responses

  1. this was a pretty good set of episodes. was glad to hear you mention “Dirt” by Alice in Chains. was disappointed to not hear anything about William Burroughs. i’ve always said that the album “Dirt” is the rock n’ roll version of the book “Junkie” by William S. Burroughs. I read “Junkie” the week after i got out of rehab & onto suboxone (i think i posted under my facebook id “aleister nietzsche” last week) and realized that, being a junkie himself, Burroughs had written a book that perfectly describes what the junkie lifestyle is like. it really explains the feeling perfectly. i, of course, had the experiences to remember that made the sensory aspect of the book come to life, but i would be curious to know how well it relates the experience to non-junkies. all my friends that have read it are also former junkies, so… anyway, the entire “dirt” album is like a love/hate letter to heroin from the late great Layne Staley. i used to listen to it on my way to ohio to buy my smack, because it made me hate myself, but at the same time, continue on my drive because i felt like it was all for the greater good since all of my heroes are junkies and/or dead musicians. i was pretty messed up at the time, but that’s the exact feeling that both the book “Junkie” and the album “Dirt” conveys.

  2. One of your best episodes to date, in my opinion. The host’s humor was perfectly synced and on point. I laughed out loud so many times.

    1. And after rereading my comment, I want to add that by on point, I meant the slang usage and not it’s literal meaning. I’m not that presumptuous ☺

  3. Thank you very much for panning Requiem for a Dream. Ham-fisted and so obvious. The Crash of its day.

  4. ‘while listening to the audio tape of the Book of Mormon as read by Jar Jar Binks’ if there was a Hell, that would be it, and no amount of sweet Lady H would save me from it.

  5. Mentioning cheese reminded me of something from Dungeons and Dragons. in the Forgotten Realms comic of yesteryear the halfling first mate of the Realmsmaster, Foxilon Cardluck, had a history of addiction to ‘Cheeese’ which is a cheeselike drug that affects halflings like opium or heroin affects humans. In his backstory he had fallen in with some halflings who were being supplied/manipulated with the drug by a human alchemist who occasionaly took payment from them by having them raid nearby villages and caravans. He eventually hit rock bottom, escaped, and dried up with the help if Capt. Omen (who also blew up the tower the alchemist was operating out of, because that’s how a Halruan wizard rolls.)