Actor Richard Harmon from “The 100” joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe for a special blend of caustic subjects: Killer robots, cockfighting vengeance, mascot murder, enslaved Thai fishermen, the youngest cryogenic subject ever, polar bear vs. dolphin, sourtoe cocktail, and sewer-water-beer!

Music: “Can’t You See The World Is Ending” by The Doubleclicks



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  • Nick S.

    Awesome episode guys. I didn’t know who Richard Harmon was (even though he looks freakishly familiar) before this episode, but now I look forward to seeing the shows and movies he is in. Also, that song was awesome. I will definitely have to check the Doubleclicks out.

  • Craig M

    So… someone should probably circulate Richard’s picture round pet stores in his locality…

  • Raptor-Chick

    One of my friend’s dad drank a sourtoe cocktail. Bleh.

  • Ceiligh

    Super pumped to hear Richard Harmon on this episode and find out he’s just as sick and twisted as us soda jerks; love The 100 and Murphy is my favourite character. [fangirl squee] Thanks for another awesome episode guys.

  • jadegreendragon

    Great Episode. Love Richard! Really enjoyed the intermission song, i need to check out the Doubleclicks!

  • Louie

    I’m here to say that I also REALLY DON’T LIKE GILLS! This made me happy. I’m not alone 🙂