Special Blend with Richard Harmon

Actor Richard Harmon from “The 100” joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe for a special blend of caustic subjects: Killer robots, cockfighting vengeance, mascot murder, enslaved Thai fishermen, the youngest cryogenic subject ever, polar bear vs. dolphin, sourtoe cocktail, and sewer-water-beer!

Music: “Can’t You See The World Is Ending” by The Doubleclicks



6 Responses

  1. Awesome episode guys. I didn’t know who Richard Harmon was (even though he looks freakishly familiar) before this episode, but now I look forward to seeing the shows and movies he is in. Also, that song was awesome. I will definitely have to check the Doubleclicks out.

  2. So… someone should probably circulate Richard’s picture round pet stores in his locality…

  3. Super pumped to hear Richard Harmon on this episode and find out he’s just as sick and twisted as us soda jerks; love The 100 and Murphy is my favourite character. [fangirl squee] Thanks for another awesome episode guys.

  4. I’m here to say that I also REALLY DON’T LIKE GILLS! This made me happy. I’m not alone 🙂