Joe, Toren, and Kevin discuss the science and history of deserts, animal desert adaptations, the desert ordeals of David “Jack” Sillito, Noel St. Malo Juul, and Chris Ryan, what happens when the “Marathon des Sables” — a Sahara-based ultramarathon — goes wrong, plus news and pop culture.

Music: “Fiver’s Lament” by Tarantula Head

Charity O’ The Week: Humane Borders




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  1. Can’t believe you didn’t take a Horse With No Name with you when you went! Sigh. Missed opportunity! 😉

    I’m guessing you must have just missed this in the news too, about a middle-aged French couple who died of heat exhaustion, but their 9yo son survived, when they went hiking at White Sands in New Mexico:

    What I don’t understand here is how quickly they seemed to have died. It got up to about 40C, which is hot, but not that hot in the scheme of things, and the whole walk was only 7-8km and there are warning signs everywhere. Obviously it happens, but it just seems so strange and tragic. I grew up in Alice Springs in the centre of Australia, so I’m no stranger to heat, but it still strikes me as odd.

    Anyhoo, I thought I’d correct a minor pronunciation issue, which is fine if it was deliberate, but otherwise Rickie McGee was found near the Tanami desert, that’s Tana-, rhyming with banner (or goanna, for that matter), -mi, rhyming with eye (or Gundagai). And your Aussie accent, Toren, is coming along noicely, as we might say. You sounded remarkably like Jemaine Clement of the Flight of the Conchords. Bonza! 😉 Sorry, I’ll stop it now.

    And my favourite part was the Gulliver’s Travels story. Well played, Mr Leeson.

    Oh and thanks for fixing the feed.

  2. Guise, I really did read it wrong and thought it was desserts. But then saw the picture on your homepage and realized my mistake. Added with your immediate disclaimer that you are not going for sweet delicious things, you crushed my arteries. Oh my sadness. Maybe do a delicious and deadly treats episode? Weirdest candies? Hmmm….

    Thanks for another great episode! I work as an archivist managing files and photographs for 7 hours a day. Your content keeps the time flying, as well as puzzling looks from my co-workers when I have to drop my papers and wheeze with laughter.

  3. Still suits make dessert liquors. They are all spiced spirits, because, of course, the spice is life.