Dr. Rob Tarzwell is back with Joe, Kevin, and Toren to discuss epilepsy. We’ll look at the science of the condition, what to do if you witness a seizure, notable epileptics in history, a seizure while falling 10,000 feet, plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Worst Superpower Ever” by The Doubleclicks

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  1. Hey Soda Jerks, Toren here. In the first edit of this episode I used the word “mammy.” I would like to apologize for that. I believe that it was inappropriate and I take full responsibility. I will take more care in the future.

  2. I think this is awesome, I didnt hear you say this one but I was diagnosed with Post traumatic epilepsy a couple years ago it happened 3 years after i had a traumatic brain injury after i fell 25f. I only had the one seizure but it was crazy, i was extremely stressed i was on the computer arguing with my ex and then i cant remember, it would have been even more crazy for my sister, she stayed calm n put me in the recovery position and called 911and kept the other kids calm, after i woke up i was soooooo tired i never felt that tired in my life and sore too. i went up to my room after I woke up and it felt like i was in another world my legs felt crazy, i fell asleep in my bed and then paramedics showed up and i woke up and i had no clue why they were there… but yeah i decided not to take meds for it…i think its awesome that you are telling people about them and not to stare and make things worse. i think stress can make them happen too … Keep up the good work i love the show