Zombies, Part Two

Robin Thompson is back for part two of our look at zomb…b… braaains… braaaaaaainsssss….

Music: “Abercrombie Had A Zombie” by Fats Waller






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  1. Just a small correction to your first subject, Ronald Poppo – The homeless man that got his face gnawed off.

    He was and still is alive. The attack lasted about 18 minutes. The police responded to several calls from the public. Rudy Eugene did not eat the flesh, but gnawed it off and spat out the pieces. They didn’t find any human flesh in his stomach.

    If you search for Ronald Poppo on images.google.com without safesearch, you will see pictures both from the OR and during his recover. I’m not doing that search ever again, so no direct links.

    Keep up the good work people, it’s always a pleasure when your new podcasts show up on my feed.

  2. You don’t have to illegally download Night of the Living Dead! It’s available for free from the Internet Archive, http://archive.org/details/night_of_the_living_dead .

    The movie is in the public domain due to the fact that the original theatrical distributor forgot to put a copyright statement on the film when the name was changed at the last minute (from Night of the Flesh Eaters to Night of the Living Dead). Under US copyright law at the time, you only got copyright if you put the actual copyright symbol and date somewhere within the work. Since this didn’t happen, you can use the movie for whatever you want!

    1. Sorry -when i posed this it said there weren’t any comments – did not mean to duplicate Jansen’s info.

  3. A fantastic read that’s zombie(virus based) related is World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s an oral history of the zombie war and how it affected the world at large. Starting with the initial infection to the “we’ve got it mostly under control” phase. I ended up running a Horrorclix game based on it.

  4. The halligan bar was listed in Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide as the best tool for the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s the tool of choice because of its multi-fuction capabilities: weapon, pry bar, door breaching. In such an event, with locked doors everywhere, it would be the key to the city. Plus, your weapon can double as your pry bar if you need to move large furniture out of pathways, or to block them.

    I don’t think a katana could do the same.

  5. @Skroonk, Max Brooks book actucally says to have at least 3 weapons which includes the pry bar, a guy and a long sharp tool like a “real” sword and by real sword he means not a sword meant for decorations or for stage fighting,
    @ Joe,Torren and Kevin, you guys should check out We’re Alive, A Zombie Survival Story its an audiodrama that I really enjoy I found it through itunes and the website is http://www.zombiepodcast.com

  6. Something to add to your list of great zombie short films: “Freakin’ Zombies Man,” written by a friend of mine. It’s a comedy about a kid just trying to get through high school, and trying to ignore the zombies that are just around, screwing stuff up. Highly recommended.

    The whole thing is on Vimeo:

  7. Dawn of the dead in Italy is known as Zombie, thus Zombie 2, Zombie 3 and… Zombie 4, directed by Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2, Monster dog). Lucio Fulci only shot a few scenes of Zombie 3, because he fell sick while filming in the Philippines. Most of the movie had to done by Bruno Mattei and Fragasso, always partners in crime.

  8. check out “We’re Alive” podcast. It focuses more on the human survivors than the zombies, but it’s still well written and quite entertaining.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. The “We’re Alive” show is one of the best contemporary radio shows I’ve heard. The writing and production quality is great and I would highly recommend it to any zombie fan.

  9. Great zombie shows! I love zombie shows (i.e. walking dead) and movies (i.e. Shaun of the Dead is probably my all time favourite comedy). I really have to suspend my disbelief when watching zombie shows/movies (because, lets face it, I don’t believe in the whole religion thing and there’s no way a virus could make people rot but at the same time be able to move about and attack), but there is something about a bunch of dead, hungry, former humans attacking people that I really enjoy.

    If you liked Shaun of the Dead, please, please, please, please check out the movie Aaah! Zombies! It is another hilarious take on the zombie genre, shot from the point of view of the zombies (the tag line is “zombies are people too”). It is a low budget, but well made, independent comedy. I really enjoyed it. http://www.aaahzombies.com/

  10. I am glad to hear that I am not the only person in the world who uses the term “hobo”.

  11. You guys might like this ap, particularly Joe since they are planning RunKeeper integration. I suspect walking would also be an option if you aren’t into running.

    Zombies! Run!

    Running Game & Audio Adventure

    Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone. We deliver the story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings – and back home, you can build and grow your base with the items you’ve collected.

  12. The Outsider by H.P. lovecraft featured an undead corpse if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for another good show guys.

  13. Love the episode (and zombies) but I was surprised there was no mention of The Walking Dead comic series by Robert Kirkman! Amazing stuff!

  14. I just got to your pod-cast now, and I like it! Yes, Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant movie. I would also suggest “Juan of the Dead”, which I saw in Portland in May. It was an early afternoon and I was the only one in the theater, with a beer. The movie is set in Cuba and like SotD it’s a comedy. The thing is the two slacker buddies don’t realize it’s a disease but think it’s a scheme from the capitalists from across the gulf. They take advantage of the situation. Really, I laughed real good. D.

  15. Hey guys,

    Just listened to this episode. You mentioned Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg coming up with the idea for Shaun of the Dead after filming Spaced (by the way, ALL of you guys will absolutely love that show! and must watch it. if you dont have access to it, i will post it to you). Anyway, between Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost filmed an episode of a survival program about how to survive a zombie attack. You can watch the two parts of Youtube:


    Chris Rose
    (from England)

    P.s. Spaced!

  16. I realize I am crazy late to the party here, ha, but I wanted to mention an excellent zombie trilogy (well, mostly excellent) called the ‘Newsflesh’ trilogy. Stay with me here.
    The first, and arguably BEST, is Feed. In Feed the zombie apocalypse has begun but is denied by mainstream media, the CDC and all government agencies. It’s not until bloggers and vloggers get involved with firsthand footage and written accounts, does the news finally break through the blockade of denial, and people are able to arm themselves (too late) with the knowledge.
    In your podcast, you mentioned that after a man ate the face of a homeless man in Miami, the CDC came out and said that this is NOT an example of a zombie apocalypse (‘one zombie does not an apocalypse make’). It made me think of the truth-denial in Feed. I am not saying that I think the CDC is covering up a slow moving (ha), widespread zombie attack.
    If we WERE on the brink of decimation by an undead population, of course it would be denounced by the talking heads. To admit otherwise would incite panic and hysteria, cats and dogs living together, and definite culling of the species.