Sibling Rivalry

Mister Doctor Greg Bole – B.Sc. (Biology) and Ph.D. (Evolution and Ecology) – joins us to talk about sibling rivalry in the animal kingdom, which of course includes that most savage and destructive animal – homo sapiens. Includes siblicide, porbeagle ovophagy, adelphophagi, polyembryoni in parasitoid wasps, and the Dassler brothers, Karla Homolka & the Han sisters. All this plus news & pop culture including the Game of Thrones analysis you didn’t ask for.

Music: “Anything You Can Do” by Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters




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  1. Hey Guys , I love your show , but while listening to this episode , I got a little pissed when you were talking about Karla Homolka as a poor abused girl controlled by her evil hubby Paul Bernardo . I have followed their story for years and if you had done any research or read the books published about her , I would hope that you wouldn’t be saying , ” Aww .. poor abused wife , not her fault…” , you would be introducing her as your next , ” Evil Dames in History ” Subject.

    Later Guys , Mark from Campbell River , see you at Pizza & Flix ….

    1. Hey Mark, if you would like to volunteer to be a research intern, we can use as many as we can get. Between running the podcast, my 9-5 day job, practicing with the band, working on a comic book, the occasional acting gig, and keeping my girlfriend and gaming group satisfied (albeit in different ways), I don’t have much time for books.

    2. I thought we tried to portray Karla Homolka as complicit in her sister’s death, as much so or more than her husband, due to the fact that she was the one who presented Paul Bernardo with her sister’s virginity as a “gift”. Hence it’s inclusion the the Sibling Rivalry episode.

      We are certainly NOT Karla Homolka apologists, and if we made it sound that way then I appreciate you bringing it up. I think pointing out that she was physically abused, maybe an explanation as to why the prosecutors were so willing to cut her a deal in spite of her active participation in Bernardo’s crimes.

      Thanks for keeping us honest.

  2. It is possible that the rivalry between Jonas Venture Jr., and Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, is one of the most epic cases of sibling rivalry in modern stories. At least to start, before Jonas mellows out.

  3. Thanks for the tip for watching Stardust. Rewatched it after your positive ratings including the sibling rivalry. Anything related favourably to The Princess Bride must be good. And it was! Keep up all the good work, you are getting better all the time.

  4. Fascinating stuff about Puma and Adidas especially. :o)
    I think the trick to watching Game of Thrones is to watch it all at once, or at least the first half of season 1, just so you can learn the character names. I struggled watching an ep every week or two and got thoroughly confused (especially starting with the 4th ep by mistake). However I just watched all two seasons over a week period and thought it was great.
    Just on the issue of the Homolka/Bernardo story, I didn’t feel like you portrayed her as a complete victim. She was certainly a victim but I felt like she was just as guilty by the end of the story when new evidence arrived after she’d made a deal. Just my two cents.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. A bit like the Dasler brothers are the Zildjian family.
    The Zildjian company has been making cymbals since 1623, always owned and directed by the same family, and in 1981, after Avedis Zildjian III died, the company went to his oldest son, Armand, which displeased his brother Robert, who filed a legal dispute, lost, went to Canada and founded Sabian with the same “secret recipe” Zildjian uses on their cymbals.

    The Zildjians history is a great story. Same family on the same company for almost 400 years. Then, Sabian comes along and both (rival) companies become the two biggest cymbal manufacturers.