Our first entry in the “Evil Dames in History” series has the hosts separating mact from fyth on the supposed “blood countess” Elizabeth Bathory. Includes star kicking and other tortures she inflicted on her servants, plus her trial, death and legacy!

Music: “Super Mario Theme” performed on harpsichord by Lord Vinheteiro. Used with permission. Visit http://jinglesevinhetas.com.br/



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  • zuzu

    YAY:) evil ladies!

  • Lars

    Laughed out loud when I heard the intermission music. Walking along a street with passers-by at the time, totally worth it.

    • Toren Atkinson

      Yeah when I was editing and heard Kevin’s idea of it being played on the harpsichord during star kicking , I got the idea immediately to search youtube. Found a version, went to the uploaders website, emailed Lord Vinheteiro and he was kind enough to reply promptly with permission! http://jinglesevinhetas.com.br/

  • William Geiger

    Great episode!!

    You guys need to do one on Livia Drusilla, Augustus Caesar’s wife. She would be my all time favorite for evil women in history

    • Chew

      Great idea.

      After watching I, Claudius, I happened to have acquired a cat and I named her Livia.

      • Nick Curnow

        (If you haven’t) I can recommend reading the book by Robert Graves that the serial was based on. It reads like a list of Evil People in History (Livia, Tiberius, Caligula). Which reminds me, Caustic Soda NEEDS a Caligula episode!

  • Toren Atkinson

    Here’s the Countess Dracula Barbie – http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/bob-mackie-countess-dracula-barbie-doll-v0454 – they’re selling for $300+ if you want one!

    • Jeb Card

      I haven’t listened yet, but looking at that link. Dubble-YOO Tee Eff.

  • Phav Nosnibor

    My mother used to work for Mattel, and 3200 is a pretty darned tiny production run for a collector Barbie doll. Apparently some of the super-ultra-extra-premium ones these days are only made in batches of 500 or 1000, but typical “collector” releases (in the mid-’90s, anyway) numbered more like ten to thirty thousand.

    As for Toren’s mystery Showcase movie, was it maybe Immoral Tales (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071359)? Seems like the kind of sleaze that Chas Lawther would have been all over presenting.

    • Toren Atkinson

      That is exactly what it was! Good call

  • Gavin Pitts

    Keen episode! Most recent appearance of the Blood Countess is in Eli Roth’s HOSTEL PART II, in which she has a wee cameo (and a gory bath with lesbian actress Heather Matarazzo)

  • Lex Prospicit

    If you guys ever decide to put a snappy quote on the back of the Caustic Soda T-shirts, may I nominate “You’ve got to have your ducks in a row if you’re going to take down Elizabeth Bathory.”

  • Katie

    After listening to this episode, I had a strong desire to watch one of my favorite terrible horror movies, Stay Alive. I’ll put the link to the IMDB page below. Like I said, it’s a terrible movie to be put into the “horror” genre, but it’s pretty entertaining anyway. It features Elizabeth Bathory as the bloodthirsty psychopath we all know, but it puts a strange twist on it by featuring her in a video game within the movie.


  • Kalystia

    I just discovered Caustic Soda, and am currently going through your archives to download all your old episodes! This episode was fascinating and sickening (in a good way, if that’s possible?). Can’t wait to hear about more Evil Dames! Keep up the good work guys, I love the podcast!

    • Generaleesimo

      We’d be more than happy to entertain any evil dame suggestions…..

      • Purrdence

        Wasn’t Chairman Mao’s wife (I forget her name, atm) supposed to be a rather nasty piece of work? Like having any rival actresses to her disappeared, for instance?

  • Chew

    How about just a generic “Evil ex-wives” episode?

  • Izzy

    Here’s an interesting article about a super involved haunted house that includes a somewhat modernized representation of Elizabeth Bathory. http://gothamist.com/2012/10/01/this_les_haunted_house_will_scare_y.php/#photo-2

  • mira

    Elizabeth Bathory’s castle is not the big well-preserved one in Trenčín, Slovakia. It’s a ruin a little south of there in a town called Čachtice.

  • Josh

    As far as movie adaptations go, there is a 2004 Canadian movie called “Eternal” that brings the Bathory legend into more contemporary times.

    Also, as Kevin mentioned, there is the 1971 Hammer flick entitled “Countess Dracula” starring Ingrid Pitt that is pretty good if you are a fan of sexy horror flicks from that era.

  • David

    Is the Bathory smut film you can’t remember the name to the Walerian Borowczyk film, Immoral Tales?

  • Ian Chernencoff

    Best Commercial Ever. mad ol’ Ben.. amazing.