Evil Dames in History continues as Kevin, Toren, and Joe look at “professional widow” Belle Gunness. Murder, insurance fraud, arson, evil glares, and… Guitar Hero?

Music: “Diggin’ Up The World (Acoustic)” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets




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  • Daniel Lindsäth

    Not only Norwegians cringed during this episode. That’s probably the worst attempt at a Swedish accent I’ve heard in my life, and I have to listen to my colleagues trying to speak English every day 😀

    If you want to hear a fairly decent Norwegian accent, go watch “Dude, Where’s my Car?”. The male aliens sound exactly like Norwegians.

    I’m a bit curious about the Swedish accent. It doesn’t sound anything like what real Swedes sound when they try to speak English, but I’ve heard it used in e.g. the audio book version of “1632 – Ring of Fire” for the Swedish king and his staff. Was it originally used in some popular movie or something and became widespread because of that, just like the famous pirate accent?

    Anyway, thanks for an awesome podcast!

    • Joe

      I’m fairly sure it was just Toren doing his version of the Swedish Chef.

      Kevin then copied Toren’s attempt later and that got us a bad copy of a bad copy of a nowhere-near-accurate puppet performance.

      As the host face-palming through the whole thing, I apologize to our Scandinavian listeners. Feel free to make bad copies of Bob & Doug McKenzie Canadian accents in retaliation.

      • Daniel Lindsäth

        I seriously doubt anyone who would be offended by such a thing would be a soda jerk, so don’t worry.

        I just got curious since I’d heard the same accent for Swedes elsewhere and it sounds nothing at all like we do, or Norwegians =) I think I have to go watch some Muppets and see if that’s it. I don’t think I ever really watched them in English as a kid, and the Swedish Chef doesn’t work that well in Swedish >.<

      • Derek

        ZOMG, is that Rick Moranis?!

        Edges of Irish in there too. 😉

    • thickets

      I learned all Scandinavian accents from the Jonny Quest episode “House of the Seven Gargoyles.” And since my name is Scandinavian I’m basically the best one could possibly be at it.

      • Daniel Lindsäth

        Used to love JQ as a kid. Can’t remember that ep though, will have to find it and watch =)

  • Amanda M


    1. greatly surprised; astounded; suddenly filled with wonder:
    2. how one feels when listening to Belle’s list of victims. o_O

    There’s a point where you have to stand up and slow clap to that woman’s gumption. Ted Bundy was perhaps more gruesome in stalking his selections, but she just sat back and let them come to -her-. With moneybags. [ http://i.imgur.com/rq51PPS.gif ]

    Side note: That’s my second favorite Thickets song (Marine Biologist has GOT to get on Rock Band, dammit), but I can’t tell who’s doing the singing.. Banks?

    • thickets

      Former bassist and videographer Bob Fugger. Find him on LinkedIn and tell him you love his singing voice! See what happens.

      • Amanda M

        I’m intrigued… and a little scared. 😉

  • geosojda

    Great podcast! I agree with her rating 9/10. It takes a special kind of evil to kill your own kids. Not trying to pimp another podcast but Sword and Scale did a story about Belle (and a few other female serial killers) so if anyone is interested in more about belle

  • claw

    great episode, i shared it with my local steampunk society since many of them enjoy a chilling tale of evil glares and baffling trunk purchases.

  • thickets

  • Derek

    Just when I thought Shhh was my favourite Thickets song, and now this acoustic masterpiece appears! Any chance you guys have a Best Of collection with both of those songs, Toren?

    That episode was great! And I agree

    • Derek

      …with Amanda about the victim list. She was just damn prolific!

      Great ep, guys, and the Irish/Swedish/Norwegian accents were wondrous. 🙂

  • zuzu

    I want both “foreverrrrr” and ” itsa me! belle gunness!” as ring tone downloads pleaseee!
    excellent episode 😀 definitly 9/10 for evil, but got to respect a lady for the …achievement?

    • Derek

      +1 for the ringtone! 🙂

      • Amanda M

        +2 😉

        • HimAgain

          +3 I wants my phone to scare others

  • Riana


  • Katy Van Sant


    It’s also on YouTube – the whole movie – Asesina Oculta – Spanish title of the movie “Method”

    I didn’t actually view them to see if they’re dubbed or sub-titled because I’m at work right now.

  • amysrevenge

    This was definitely one of the best episodes in recent memory. Well done!

  • Beth Davies

    Awesome track by the Thickets there, I can totally picture Belle digging away in her pigpen at night when I hear it. Love the podcast, guys, please keep it up! Other podcasts suddenly seem so dull and dry by comparison 😛

  • jadegreendragon

    The Norwegian accent attempts had me in stitches. I work for a Norwegian company so surrounded by Norwegians! Thank you, definitely made my ride home from work, stuck in traffic much more enjoyable!

    Loved the musical intermission, great song, one of my favs!