Followups 9

Follow ups, listener mail and updates on spina bifida, screech, cannibalism, running amok, cyclopea, parasitic barnacles, snake venom party drug, mesoamerican shrunken heads, drunk driving decapitation, Wesley Warren Jr’s scrotal lymphodema, plus more!

Music: “Spina Bifida” by Toren Atkinson (after The Beatles)




11 Responses

  1. One of the most memorable articles I ran across while doing some research during University. The forensic and physical anthropology journals are wonderful sources for caustic-y content.

    Caution: link contains decapitation photos.

  2. Hi!! Could you please tell me what the orchestral piece was in the intro of the podcast? That was ROCKIN’!!

    1. T’was Allegretto from Palladio by Karl Jenkins

      Also, I think I may be, at least, partly responsible for their choosing of it.

  3. Think of how many people Wesley Warren Jr. could feed if he were to go through with the surgery and auction it off as a dinner!!!

  4. Hey, just to nitpick a little on a otherwise fantastic show, norse berserkers where nothing like desperate soldiers about to die, they where religious warriors that dedicated themselves to Odin, and thought themselves to be channeling the rage of a bear or a wolf. They started out a battle as regular fighters but as the battle went on they worked themselves into the famous “berserkergang”. I guess you could describe them as groups of very violent and hairy warrior monks.

  5. Great stomach-churning episode guys!

    For the record I think the South Australian Museum has a few Papua New Guinean shrunken heads around the size of a softball or grapefruit.

    Great intro and intermission music btw. Who knew Spina Bifida could make for such a catchy lyric?!