Bubonic Plague

Joe, Toren and Kevin are joined by Dr. Jenna to talk about not just the bubonic, but all things yersinia pestis-y: Bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic plagues! We discuss the three “great” plagues of history as well as modern occurrences and outbreaks and even some pestilence-laden movies.

Music: “Please God No” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets


Charity: Doctors without Borders

12 Responses

  1. Plague warning signs! I saw them when I visited the Grand Canyon. A search found some photos:

    Old-timey plague preventions: when someone got a fever the fleas would leave the body. In another skewed cause-and-effect belief from the old days, people thought the fleas prevented fever so they wore necklaces with small patches of blood-soaked cloth to attract fleas.

  2. Very nice, I especially liked the bubbly “there’s more!” from Dr. Jenna. When can we expect some sort of twofer, both Drs. Rob and Jenna episode, perhaps involving both bacteria and radiation?

    You guys missed a pun early on, with “plagiarism”. Eh? Eh? Yeah, it’s pretty terrible, but I’d like to be able to honestly say “I got the plague and all it gave me was groaning”.

  3. awesome show, I love this disease theme you have going on, I think I’ve listened to them all at least three times now.

  4. Great show guys!
    I have been to Eyam. It is a really pretty village in the beautiful Peak District. They are dead proud of their history and rightly so. It is pronounced “Eem”.
    Also Samuel Pepys is pronounced “Peeps”.
    Jenna is a great guest. Gross with gusto. :^)

  5. I continually misheard Toren as saying “flatulence” and it made the retelling of the movie much more interesting.

    Also, as an interesting note the last time u saw The Holy Grail was at an open air theater outside of the palace in Luxembourg city while in Europe for the summer.