Followups 11

Zoophiles and penile cancer, recto-vaginal fistula, coughing up cancer, window vomiting, an improvised giant egg weapon, a failed assassination attempt caught on tape and… shitdick.

Music: “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton

Charity of the week: The Fistula Foundation



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  1. Shit, well, apparently people let their kids ride bison at Yellowstone so the rhino picture doesn’t surprise me. The last time I went there I saw idiots getting in between bull bison and the boiling hot springs to take pictures… during the rut season. People are amazingly dumb around wild large animals who have pointy bits on their head..

  2. Hey there.

    Long time listener first time commenter.

    You really should look more into the Rémy Couture Case.

    I believe it was the RCMP that arrested him (in collaboration with provincial police), and that it was the federal gouvernement who pressed charges (the tip coming from INTERPOL and all). The way he was arrested, the way they seemed to make things drag and drag so that he would bargain (he had to have a fund created to defend himself because he was literally going broke over this), he had to stop creating, etc… The governement really seemed to be embarassed by this (they may have realised that it was not that big a deal), but even more embarassed to let it go. Plus the moral charges were both ridiculusly outdated (it comes from a law that mentions grammophones or something) and way overkill : the only other personn who is facing similar charges in Canada is Luka Rocco Magnotta, of being completly crazy and cutting people in pieces while filming yourself fame.

    On another subject, I like very much when you try to prononce correctly french names or words. Kevin is quite good at it, and even when you fail, I like that you at least try. It’s not like I never butcher english prononciation and/or grammar…

    Regards from St-Étienne-Des-Grès (good luck with that one!), Quebec.

    PS : a little tip Étienne is prononced A-T-N. And it’s french for Stephen. But I disgress.

  3. We played with Forbidden Dimension at the Starfish Room in Vancouver and have appeared on compilation CDs with our Alberta counterparts!

  4. ANECDOTE ; Ok, I can relate strongly to the story of power puking so hard it comes out your nose, it happened to me a few years ago everything smelt like barf for a weeks to come. Plot twist, I had eaten a can of Peanuts before the ralfing had come into play, so it wasn’t just the smell in my nose, it was half digested bits of peanuts. It stung and was one of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced, but sneezing stung so much worse.

  5. Joe- next time you have vomit in your sinuses I suggest you obtain a Neti Pot and use it.
    I’ve never actually used a Neti Pot to rinse vomit out of my sinuses but I have rinsed a great deal of snot and whatever small irritants dwell in my sinuses out. I highly recommend the Neti Pot.

    1. I have one and I did (after boiling my water — no sinus amoeba deaths for me!). It just couldn’t clear out everything.

      Ugh, what a weekend.

      1. The whole vomit in the sinuses thing must have been pretty awful. I don’t recall ever getting vomit in my sinuses but what with allergies and illnesses I have had issues with my sinuses. I can relate to that weird moment when you smell something odd, start wondering what the source is, then realize the source is you and it’s inside your face.

  6. The marijuana smugglers must be watching Pumpkin Chunk-in. Catapults and cannons are the two primary devices used. I can’t believe none of you were aware of pumpkin chunk-in! What do you people do in Canada?

    1. We use our pumpkins for food rather than as projectiles.

      Y’know, I understand the “how far can we fling a thing?” challenge, but why is it food? Can you imagine starving kids around the world watching you fling pumpkins only to smash uselessly to the ground?

      “Do they eat it after?”

      “No, Jimmy, they just wreck it for fun.”

      1. Joe just totally lied! In Canada we carve dumb faces into our pumpkins, put a candle inside, then let it sit on the porch for 3 weeks until it disintegrates, and THEN use it as a projectile.

      2. Why hurl pumpkins? That’s like asking why throw fruit cake or cow pies or salmon.

        On the TV show Northern Exposure one of the characters built a huge powerful trebuchet and used it to hurl a piano (after realizing he couldn’t actually hurl a cow as in Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail). It was one of the finest moments on television.

  7. About the Brazilian zoophiles: I was really expecting to hear a “wait, only monthly or daily? No one had sex with animals weekly?”/”No, they all went at it with great force!” comment there.

    I’m not sure if I’m proud of you for avoiding that, or disappointed.

  8. Watching that assassinations attempt and aftermath I thought I was watching an old school wrestling match where the gang of thugs start kicking the snot out of the one on the groud. That was great.

  9. Episode made me gag in the library, brain fluid leaking apparently freaks me out alot more than alot of the other topics, had everyone stare at me so i just blurted out “hung over sorry guys”

  10. Having watched that first video (“Why, oh why, did I watch that first video?” I’m going to be asking myself all week), I vow (again to) never again let my children near YouTube without very close supervision.

    Again this week you got me to throw up a bit in my mouth – tip of the hat to you. 🙂

    Great Aussie accent, Kevin, btw. You could easily do voice acting for Paul Hogan (Croc Dundee, of course!). 😉

  11. I’ve got a follow-up for Kevin’s pseudo-slime follow-up. A friend of mine had essentially the opposite problem that Kevin mentioned. Instead of CSF leaking, she had a small benign tumor that blocked passage of CSF through her brain, resulting in hydrocephalus. While the condition itself is not particularly rare, she was slightly abnormal in that hers was largely asymptomatic until she was in her early 20s. Trauma from a car accident caused symptoms to develop. She underwent an endoscopic third ventriculostomy to punch a hole in the base of her third ventricle to reestablish normal CSF flow. She had since posted the video of the surgery to YouTube (I’ll comment a link). I recommend watching on mute because the sound is obnoxious. Also, the needle in the video is actually quite sharp, but the magnification makes it look dull.

    Any chance of a brain related episode in the future (maybe you’ve already done one that I haven’t gotten to yet). There a lots of pretty caustic brain injuries to cover.