Our apocalypse series continues with noted biblical scholar Robert M. Price discussing the biblical apocalypse! Noah’s flood, The rapture, tribulation, second coming, millennium and last judgment are all explained so simply that even Toren can understand. Also: a brief history of failed apocalypse prophecies including Montanism, The Millerites’ Great Disappointment, Harold Camping and more. Part one of two!

Music: “Brush the Dust Off That Old Bible” by Bradley Kincaid



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  • Hey guys!

    One usually starts by complimenting the object of the post according to internet etiquette, so i will just say that the podcast was ok and have that over with.

    The reason i write is that something you said about there not being any children born during the times of tribulation (or rapture) and false kings got me thinking. There is a Swedish 1990’s death metal band called edge of sanity which i really liked back in my late teens. They had a record called “crimson”, a concept album telling the story of a world collapsing since no children are born. The queen at last gives birth to a girl, and this brings hope to all mankind. However, there is a revolution, and a false king (who is very satan-ish). So, just a thought. I’ll leave links for the record and the wiki here:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St6lJaiHYIc (Complete record)

    I also noticed that the singer of the band looks remarkably like Toren, doesen’t he? (http://a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/116/54153fcf7cd446d4aee5efb553180b6e/l.jpg)

    Anyhow, love for making CS.

  • jason

    Hi, just a note on the number of the beaet being “666”. I read not too long ago that biblical scholars forgot to carry the one or something and that the text actually reads “616”…

    • Generaleesimo

      The area code for Grand Rapids, Michigan….. Now we know where to find the Anti-Christ! Well done, “Jason” if that is your real name.

  • Craig Hunter

    I almost had a stroke, when I realized The Bible Geek was on Caustic Soda. I was so pleased I didn’t really listen for the first five minutes and had to restart the podcast. It was like hearing two of my favorite podcast’s simultaneously. I hope y’all knew Dr. Price is a big fan of Lovecraft, and has done much scholarly work about him, and his writings.

    • Toren Atkinson

      Yup, that’s how I met him, at the NecronomiCon in Rhode Island in 1997. I used to collect Crypt of Cthulhu back in those days…

  • Derek

    Wouldn’t Eye of the Tiger be better training montage music? I didn’t even recognise the song Kevin was singing (great falsetto, though)! 🙂

    • Toren Atkinson

      I had no idea what was going on at that time…