Biblical Apocalypse, Part 2

In part two of our look at the biblical apocalypse, we discuss news and pop culture, including “Left Behind,” “The Omen,” “End of Days.” and “The Rapture.” Special guest Robert M. Price!

Music: “Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn” by Spike Hughes



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  1. I realize its decades old now, but “The Late, Great Planet Earth” was an apocalyptic hit in the 70’s…..I remember seeing trailers on TV, as well as seeing it in the theatre.

  2. Another great show and a great guest! FYI, the rapture is imminent, at least according to these people:

    They have lots of helpful (and crazy) suggestions on how to prepare and survive the Rapture, which, I’m assuming, will eventually lead to the Apocalypse.

    The latest score on the Rapture Index is 187, which is at an almost all time high! I particularly love the description of their scale:

    “Rapture Index of 100 and Below: Slow prophetic activity
    Rapture Index of 100 to 130: Moderate prophetic activity
    Rapture Index of 130 to 160: Heavy prophetic activity
    Rapture Index above 160: Fasten your seat belts”

    We’re well above “Fasten your seat belts”, so grab your bibles and pray!!!!

  3. There’s a pretty crazy series from the 70s/ early 80s you guys might be interested in: A Thief in the Night (, A DIstant Thunder (, Image of the Beast (, and The Prodigal Planet ( I think the whole series is named for the first movie but I don’t know- I saw them in my crazy-ass “Apocalyptic Pentecostal” church in western Kansas at the impressionable age of 7 or 8, and they more or less single-handedly gave me a complex about the Rapture for years.

  4. The devil’s advocate was amazing. I can’t believe you bagged on it, Kevin. You shall not be forgiven.

    Other than that, great show!

  5. Nicolas Cage is supposed to be in the new Left Behind movie. I can’t wait, I’m sure it’s going to be spectacularly bad. With any luck, the Rifftrax guys will take it on.

    1. I’m hoping it’ll end up on How Did This Get Made? myself… they do love their Cage so.


    Rapture happens leaving the current pope behind…he’s been living a debauched life and then gets super powers and rooms with Jesus trying to save the people left behind from the demons now sharing the earth with people. It’s kind of ridiculous and written by Robert “The Walking Dead” Kirkman.