The Caustic Soda Live EXPerience (May 12, 2013)

Live from the EXP Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver, BC, it’s The Caustic Soda Live EXPerience! Recorded May 12, 2013 in front of a packed-house, Joe, Toren, Kevin and follow-up aficionado Warren Banks  cover a variety of stories, including squid spermatophores in disturbing places, a squid bomb, shitty radiation shielding for a trip to Mars, “blood facials”, self-cannibalism, and a special Lesser of Two Evils featuring a face-off between a story from this show and one chosen from Soda Jerk suggestions by our live audience!

Notes: We had a few audio glitches during the show so we lost our intros (we re-recorded them) and a bit of the very beginning. I know — we’re upset too! We also didn’t get a clean copy of Murder Dove’s performance (more audio glitches) so we’ve included the studio version of a song in its place.

Music: “Devil Eyes” by Murder Dove




8 Responses

  1. Much better Aussie accent this week, Toren, but where was the attempt at an Indian one?! 🙂

    The effect you mentioned where people perform differently when they know they’re being observed is the Hawthorne Effect ( The Heisenberg Principle is about particle physics and whether you can know the position or the vector (direction and speed) simultaneously. 🙂 #nerdalert

    That intermission song was great, btw, off to buy it right after finishing this comment. Reminded me of Portishead.

    Thanks for using one of submissions too – pity I couldn’t find you a slightly more amusing one. :/

    1. Ah, and if I’d actually looked up Murder Dove before mentioning it, I’d see that her influences include Portishead. It’s a nice little EP she’s selling there.

      BTW, I’ve been thinking about that electrocution story – it might have benefited from a trigger warning. I can’t remember why I sent it in – I suspect I had just listened to the Electricity episode again, spotted it, and thought, “Hey this might be useful”, and it definitely tied in nicely with Warren’s story, but I could imagine others who’ve experienced similar situations being a little upset at your handling of it. No biggie, but I figured it might be worth mentioning.

  2. I’m calling shenanigans on the Squid Bomb story – thanks to a quirk of cephalopod anatomy, it’s impossible for a squid or octopus to eat anything that can’t fit through their brain (which wraps entirely around the oesophagus)

    Anything they swallow first has to be cut into small pieces by the beak – so the only way a bomb that large could end up inside a squid was if it was put there.

    I wonder if the fishseller had been sleeping with the fisherman’s wife….

      1. Through the siphon and into the mantle cavity? That’d be the way I’d do it, if I wanted to send a somebody an exploding squid.

  3. Looks like the Mars Capsule was designed after the Hitachi Magic Wand. I guess it is based on keeping the wife happy in space more than the husband…..