This chapter of Caustic Soda’s “-icide guide” explores the psychological reasons as to why children kill their fathers. In history we discuss Beatrice Cenci, Richard Dadd, the Menendez Brothers, Chris Porco, and the Tochigi Case. Also, patricide in the news and in pop culture!

Music: “Daddy’s Little Boy” by The Mills Brothers



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  • Jeff Stuart

    Great episode, if not quite disturbing. On a different note, you guys need to deprive Kevin of water more often so we get more great lines like “shoot me in the knee, Morton!”

  • Derek Weber

    Amazing timing — I spotted this in the news overnight:

    18yo PNG girl decapitated her father after he attempted to rape her again. Currently her community is refusing to hand her over to police, as they support her, led by her pastor (?).

    Another awful, but on-topic, story.

  • Katherine Smith

    I’ve got it! I’ve really got it! Peter Porco is the secret identity of the Simpons’ Spiderpig.

    I’m just going to leave that there for you guys.

  • Derek Weber

    Btw, what happened to the 8yo?

  • Derek

    Oedipus married his mother, Queen Jocasta, as the prize for solving the Sphinx’s riddle – the Sphinx was threatening Thebes after King Laius had been killed. The riddle was the old chestnut “What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at midday, and three legs in the afternoon?” — I guess my point is that Oedipus didn’t just walk into Thebes and marry the Queen. Nobody knew it was him who’d killed the king — even he didn’t know it.

    The Greeks were wonderful at writing miserable stories. :o)

  • Derek Weber

    Didn’t American Beauty open with the daughter asking her boyfriend to kill her father? It’s a bit hazy who she wanted dead, but I remember really enjoying that film. Great Kevin Spacey stuff.

    • Joe

      It does start with that. The movie lets you think they may have actually done that, but they don’t. She was just kidding.