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Kevin, Toren, and Joe continue our “Caustic Icide Guide” with “Hospiticide”. We talk about the Glencoe Massacre, Gertrude Baniszewski, Sam Cook, Phil Spector, Dorothea Puente plus news and pop culture!

Music: “At An Arabian House Party” by Raymond Scott





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  1. After a two month caustic marathon, I have finally caught up and now I have to week to week. I don’t know what I’ll do without a steady stream of Caustic Soda.

  2. OMG, that Gertrude story really hit me. So horrible! But I made it through in the end. Great idea for an episode, guys.

    Another Tim Curry classic involving hospiticide is the Rocky Horror Picture Show, when Frankenfurter (Curry) made meatloaf, if you’ll pardon the pun, out of Meatloaf (or Eddie, in the film/musical). Magenta wasn’t very happy when he mentioned it. One of my favourite films, if only for the soundtrack. 🙂

  3. Delighted to hear about the glencoe massacre (as strange as that sounds)
    Actually passed through glencoe on holiday a couple of years back.
    There’s not a whole lot to see but landscape is stunning.

    Highland history is rife with stories of feuds, betrayals and back stabbings but the betrayal of hospitality really caused that incident to stick in a lot of throats.
    Even to this day in Scotland it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Never trust a Campbell” though thankfully usually uttered in jest.
    It’s kind of the Scottish “beware Greeks bearing gifts”

    Some bars in the highlands also sport plaques that read “no dogs, no tinkers, no Campbell’s”

    1. That reminds me. There is a Glencoe just north of Chicago IL. There are no McDonald’s there – likely due to their village ordinance prohibiting fast food restaurants.

      1. Well its either that or a terrible slaughter ensued despite the visitors having shared happy meals with their hosts.
        Then again I used to work in a McDonalds so better than most appreciate that they should probably be raised from the face of the earth.

        Also all the McDonalds near me are 24 hour jobs.
        They never sleep!
        No surprise attacks for them