Rabies science and symptoms, old timey remedies, dog death squads in China, rabid whale speculation, the Milwaukee Protocol and Shitty Jobs: Louis Pasteur rabies vaccine lab assistant. Plus pop culture, a rabies pop quiz and what to do if you’re bitten by a rabid animal.

Music: “I’m Losing My Mind Over You” by Al Dexter

Charity O’ The Week: Global Alliance for Rabies Control




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  1. I reckon the fox puppet would have to have been called Mulder, surely? Because it would have been used on a bunch of different TV shows other than the rabies one, given it was a BBC (or UK at least) production; it probably came from a Doctor Who episode, I would be surprised.

    For a book recommendation relating to rabies, I strongly encourage people to read Chuck Palahniuk’s (see Fight Club) “Rant: An Oral History of Buster Casey”. It’s a wonderfully caustic story in which rabies plays a biggish part, along with spiders and priapism, as it turns out. Great book & author.

    Btw, any chance of those rabies YouTube vids, perhaps behind a warning?

    Well done again, guys. 🙂

  2. Continuous involuntary orgasms?!
    That I did not know.
    Does this mean that rabies is also subject to rule 34 of the internet?

  3. So alas, I have come across the first Caustic Soda podcast that I cannot bring myself to listen to. I moved to a developing nation 6 months ago, and on Halloween night rescued a stray dog that I found by a bus stop. I took him home, gave him a bath and some food and water — and then noticed a deep wound, probably an animal bite, in his neck. I called the vet, it all looked ok… and as soon as the vet left, it suddenly occurred to me and I went totally cold: Rabies. Oh no.

    I was not vaccinated, the dog was a stray, rabies is a problem in this country, he had a bite in his neck… And thence was I plunged into a month of extreme, nauseating anxiety, a fear alternately calmed and then stoked by obsessive web searches that I kept up in an attempt to reassure myself that I was not going to die an agonizing death all alone in a foreign country. It’s hard to explain the real terror I felt then, because it sounds so silly now really; the pup got vaccinated, he got adopted, and was and still is happy and healthy. It’s been 3 months now since I first took him home so I’m pretty much in the clear, but every time I think I’m getting a fever…

    Maybe in a few more months I’ll be able to give this a listen. Oh and I’m totally getting a rabies vaccine when I go home for my vacation. 😉

  4. Oh I will!

    I steeled myself to listen to this today — what can I say? I am a devoted Soda Jerk — and actually, it wasn’t so bad. Which is weird and sort of awful to say; I mean, rabies is horrifying, of course, but when you’re no longer convinced that you have it you’re more prepared to learn about it objectively).

    The worst thing I did though, was watch those videos — the creepy-ass Nine Inch Nails soundtrack from the video of that poor Iranian man will now haunt my dreams forever.