Regicide, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series Caustic "Icide Guide"

Green Ronin Publishing’s Chris Pramas joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe to discuss the deaths of royalty like Mary, Queen of Scots and Charles I as well as Shaka Zulu’s mother issues and more!

Music: “After You’ve Gone” by Bing Crosby



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  1. Oh, the problems of the rich and powerful! Wait a second, I guess being murdered is kind of a real problem.

  2. The book ‘The Tyrannicide Brief’ by Geoffrey Robertson QC is about John Cook, the bunny who got stuck prosecuting King Charles I, and who was first against the wall when Charles II got back on the throne. Apparently it’s a good, if challenging, read. It can be regarded as the first genocide trial and goes into some detail on the construction of the case, and Cook’s work laid the groundwork for some of the modern day genocide trials (eg Rwanda in the 90s, the Serb/Croat war, etc).

    The coded messages that caught Mary, Queen of Scots, out were discussed by Simon Singh in his book ‘The Code Book’ (tv series too, I think) as an early example of cryptography. Tres interesting.

    Edward II (of the hot poker torture) might also be regarded as a King was killed in a regicidal manner.

    What’s the difference between a French and a Québécois accent? Kevin sounded great!

    Finally (yes there is an end to this waffle), surely Julius Caesar should rate a mention?! Yes, it was with daggers but it was pretty a) famous, and b) thorough. And it has the pop culture reference of Shakespeare’s play. 🙂

    1. Nice tips on the supplementary reading, I find this stuff fascinating so I’ll have to check those out.

      Edward II was on my short list until it became clear that the hot poker story was actually manufactured decades after his death as a loosely coded commentary by his critics about his rumored homosexuality. He was most likely poisoned in a prison cell (not nearly as caustic).

      Julius Caesar will definitely be featured in our “TYRANNICIDE” segment, not being a hereditary ruler, but one who Caeser-ed (yeah, I did it) power.

  3. After hearing Toren wonder what kind of devastation a cannon could do when fired into people, I assume he hasn’t watched the recent series The Borgias.

    Skip to 3mins in, just after they load the cannon with two balls connected by a single chain… messy!

    P.s. Jeremy Iron plays a great Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia), who I think should have his own Caustic episode (nice death).

    1. The Borgias are probably next on the Evil Dudes In History list, the only question is whether Rodrigo or Cesar is more deserving of the title……