Mur Lafferty and John Kovalic join us to discuss electrocution, toys that kill, funerals, burns, motor vehicle accidents, sleep disorders, and sports injuries. Plus – which is the lesser of two evils: being electrocuted in a pool or killed trying to park your Lexus?

Music: “The Penguin” by Raymond Scott

Charity: Healapalooza – our t-shirt maker got hit by a car!



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  • Derek Weber

    Mur, would Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer be better fighting music? 😉

    Great ep and nice idea getting the personal anecdotes of the guests.

  • Donncha

    Your healapalooza link is missing the “http://” bit!

  • Joe

    Woops. Fixed, thanks!

  • zuzu

    this was awesome! I love it when my favorite podcasts collide, always nice to hear from Mur, who is hilarious.

  • Derek

    I’m not sure I’ve heard your guests being quite so obviously grossed out. It makes for golden radio (podcast, whatever). 🙂

  • MissFelis

    Regarding Joe’s comment about white supremacists being unpleasantly surprised- has anybody else seen this story?

    I couldn’t help but laugh >:)

  • Joe