Just in time for Halloween, it’s the first part of a blood-gorged Caustic Soda Vampire episode. In part one Toren covers several vampire “facts” in a pop quiz, Joe and Kevin join in talking about just what it takes to be considered a vampire. Following a vampiric musical break we look at vampires in history such as Jure Grando, “the hysteria”, and then a look at “real-life vampires” like Mercy Brown, Fritz Haarmann, Richard Chase, and James Riva.

Music: “Blue Sunny Day” by Jonathan Coulton


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  • Sean West

    As an avid Angel and Buffy fan, I just wanted to point out that even though Angel had his soul, he did not cast a reflection, except the goof in the opening when you can see him in the puddle. Just wanted to throw that out.

  • zuzu

    loved the intermission song. it’s been stuck in my head since monday.

  • Derek Weber

    Nearly lost my lunch driving round a roundabout when I heard the bit about the brother having to drink his sister’s vitamised heart. Blech! Well played, sirs!

  • Devo

    Although a quick search of the interwebs tries to convince me that Toren was correct in naming a Chinese vampire a “jiang shi” (which should actually be spelled “jiang xi”), my decade in China taught me that that just ain’t so. A jiang xi is strictly a zombie. The Chinese word for vampire is “xi xie gui” which literally means “suck blood ghost”. Fun trivia: one of the most common methods to stop either of these monsters is by sticking a sheet of paper with a bagua inscribed on it to the creature’s forehead.