In Part 2 of our Caustic look at Vampires we turn to recent news and pop culture, covering a vampire-inspired killer and recent vampire finds in Venice and Bulgaria featuring bricks-in-mouths and poles-through-chests. Then we try to get through as much vampiric pop-culture as we can!

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Music: “I’m Scared” by Sarah Vaughan

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  • Diogo Lima

    How could you not like Lesbian Vampire Killers, Joe? It’s a stupid movie, but I found it awesomely funny. I guess I watched it more because of the humor and less for the boobs, and didn’t get disappointed.
    On the same idea, I tried to watch Zombie Strippers too, and couldn’t bear to watch five minutes of it. Horrible movie.

    Nice job, this was a very thorough episode!

    • Rose

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one who liked Lesbian Vampire killers! It was more of a spoof vampire movie than anything else. To me it kinda had a Sean of the Dead vibe to it, thought not near as fantastic.

    • Jon Paynter

      I second you on Lesbian Vampire Killers. I was a funny movie, not great, but very amusing, in the genre of horror-comedy, like Shaun of the Dead (though not nearly as good). Joe, I suggest you try the movie stoned, or sober, depending on your state at the time of viewing, and get back to us about the movie – that is your mission, if you choose to accept it! 😉

  • DarnHeather

    Ug, Lions Gate has blocked the bar scene in the US. Great great episodes on Vampires! The weird part of cradle robbing in Twilight (and I’m really embarrassed to know this) comes when the 19 or 20 year old werewolf dude “imprints” on the two year old half vampire. It’s sexual overtones are just icky.

    • Joe

      That’s too bad. The video works here in Canada.

      And yeah, the “imprinting” thing was creeptastic, made all the more obvious by how they loudly denied its creepy aspects over and over again in the film.

      • purrdence

        So, you’re a gorgeous 108 year old vampire, who could blend in somewhere like LA or NYC and have the pick of what he wanted… and you go back to freaking HIGH SCHOOL? Yeah, not frakked in the head *at all*.

  • Derek Weber

    Great episode, guys. Lots of new movies to go looking for.

    The thing about vampires needing to count things came up in an X-Files episode too: Mulder threw some pumpkin seeds at a vampire (fat red headed kid – you’d recognise him) as he was being attacked and the vampire complained and then started counting them.

    A big thumbs up for Ultraviolet too. It’s an excellent miniseries (6 episodes), done by Steven Moffat of new Dr Who fame, and starring Jack Davenport who is making it into a few Hollywood flicks these days. I think the premise is about a crack team of investigators trying to break a vampire organisation because although they’ve lived in balance with humans for a long time, they’ve decided they’re going to take over the planet (or something like that). Watch it, it’s really good.

    The Varney story sounded similar to Jekyll and Hyde to me, which was contemporaneous, I think. That was made into another excellent British mini-series (Jekyll) a few years ago, for the record.

    Well done, and I hope your cold goes away, Toren. 🙂

  • amysrevenge

    Four words (and a link):

    • Derek

      And it wasn’t even an Asylum mockbuster. Sounds awesome!

    • claw

      it was okay. started off kinda strong but dragged in the middle, at least for me.

  • P-E

    Hi guys
    Thanks for another great episode.

    I just have to correct you on one thing. “Let the right one in” and “Let me in” did not have the same director. The original was made by Thomas Alfredson who later also made the great thriller “Tinker tailor soldier spy” (using the same fantastic DP Hoyte Van Hoytema).

    The remake was made by American Matt Reeves (Cloverfield).

    • Generaleesimo

      My confusion lay in the fact that at one point this project was very close to shooting in Vancouver and I was involved in prepping it for production. At that time I was told the original director was attached, I didn’t realize that situation changed when the production moved to Toronto. Thanks for that correction!

      • P-E

        You are welcome. By the way, I agree with your assessment of the two movies. But then I’m a Swede…

        And I do recommend the BOOK. It is published in English.

  • claw

    there’s a number of anime/manga vampires in circulation. some are as old as D, like Vampire Princess Miyu (also a dhampir, though the mythology is different), Blood the last Vampire, and Alucard from Hellsing, to name a few. the most recent Hellsing series wrapped up not too long ago and despite the odd super-slender art it was pretty enjoyable depending on your…taste.

  • Jim

    I remember playing Vampire: The Masquerade unknowingly. As Joe said, it creeped me right out. My character was a doctor, so his Hypocratic oath was at odds with hurting people for blood. When he was turned he refused to feed on humans, so Joe made me roll to fight off the blood frenzy as my sire paraded a bleeding human in front of me. I kept rolling sixes (on 6-sided dice) until I finally won out. My character may be the only one in the game that has never fed on humans (cow tipping was his fare of choice).

  • Derek

    The guys on the Comedy Film Nerds podcast did a great teardown of the Twilight films when the last one came out. I can’t find a link, I’m afraid. Very amusing treatment .

    • Joe

      The movies are so bad that making fun of them is almost too easy. The only way I got through them was thanks to Rifftrax.


      • zuzu

        oh wow, I forgot how bad it was.

      • Raptor-Chick

        This movie is so bad. It is the only one where I have noticed continuity errors without actively looking. The only reason I saw it was because a friend won free tickets and through the whole thing we loudly made fun of it. By the end, other people were joining in with us.

      • Derek

        I love the Benny Hill music at the end!

        I guess CFN’s fun-making is a genuinely more analysis, which is saying something. They were particularly annoyed that the entire storyline appears to teach that there are no bad consequences for Bella regardless what her choices are. Any time any potential angst appears, it immediately works out in her favour, including all the way up to a werewolf wanting to eat her baby (as soon as it sees the child it decides it likes it instead of regarding it as a tasty snack).

        Must look up more of those riff trax – I hadn’t realised that they were up on YouTube.

  • Brenton

    Insert obligatory “I can’t believe you didn’t mention…”

    The Count. Didn’t many of us grow up on Sesame Street?

    • Toren

      See Vlad the Impaler episode.

    • Barqmulch

      They’re saving that for their Sesame Street episode.

  • Brenton

    Great two episodes, gents. I’m not a huge vampire fan, but have certainly enjoyed quite the range of books and movies, many more than I remember.

    Top, though, has to be The Lost Boys. Death by stereo indeed. There are some brilliant lines, too many to catalogue here. It is a perfect blend of adventure, horror and comedy.

    • Derek

      Lots of great Aussie music in the Lost Boys AFAICR. 🙂

  • Derek

    Looks like not all vampires are immortal after all: Not sure if a stake was used or not.

  • Jerry

    Can’t remember if Vamp (1986) was mentioned. It had its funny satirical moments.

  • jadegreendragon

    Loved the Vampire Podcasts, thanks guys!! I’ve loved Vampire stories and movies ever since my aunt gave me a copy of Interview with a Vampire when i was a kid.

    Another not too bad short lived Vampire tv series is Moonlight. Lasted about a season and stared Alex O’Loughlin (sexy Aussie bloke).

    I was a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and was really excited when they announced the series True Blood. Sadly i have to agree the series is awful, damn you Alan Ball!!

    My favourite series of books written by Jim Butcher is The Dresden Files. Its a world full of Wizards, fairies. ghouls, magic and of course vampires. In the series there are 4 different types of vampires and they are called Courts.

    The Red Court are not human at all. They are slimy bat like creatures that disguise themselves as human by wearing a flesh mask which is basically a human skin, they prey on humans and drink blood.

    The Black Court are former humans, they are made vampires and are very much like the classic “Bram Stoker” vampire. They sleep in their native soil during the day, hunt at night, allergic to garlic and sunlight etc.

    The Jade Court not much is known about them yet but they seems to be based in Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

    And my favourite of the vampire courts, The White Court. They are, for all intents and purposes human until their vampirism manifests once they hit maturity. They are long lived, beautiful creatures. They feed of human emotions and life forces. Each “family” within the White court feed off different emotions such as Lust, Fear, Despair etc.

    I highly recommend the Dresden Files books and well really anything written by Jim Butcher!

    • Toren

      I did artwork for the Dresden Files roleplaying game but I never read the book(s). I’m sure they are good, but I will never read them.

  • SapphireHarpBrian

    For Kevin’s vampire movie passion, I hope he’s gotten a chance to seen Byzantium. It came out last year and was hardly publicized at all, but it’s excellent. It’s directed by Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire), has Saorise Ronan and Gemma Arterton, as well.

    Even better, it takes the mythology in a very different direction. For instance – yes on the blood drinking, but no sharp canines, teeth, biting, or anything like that.

    • Generaleesimo

      Trailer looks good! Thanks for the hot tip….