Season 5 Fundraiser now underway!

After four years and nearly 200 episodes released completely free of charge we’re finally fundraising for Season 5 of Caustic Soda.

Our initial request is small. Our hosting costs have increased with our popularity, and we’d like to upgrade our equipment and buy LAV microphones for better non-studio recording.

But from there we’ve got some other ideas. If we get enough we’ll put that money towards creating a video pilot for a Caustic Soda TV show, and to shoot for the moon if we can raise over $100k we’ll make a feature movie. Seriously.

We’ve got some pretty great swag too, from exclusive supporter t-shirts and badges to Caustic Soda bottlecap magnets to personalized doodles, greetings and the opportunity to join the entire Caustic Soda crew for a night of gaming.

The top prize is the opportunity to be a guest on a show!

Head on over to Indiegogo now and check it out!

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