Gentleman Heckler, Dungeon Master, and future Space Cabbie Eric Fell joins Joe, Kevin and Toren to talk about the antechinus, death via coital defenestration, escamole, asian giant hornets and more!

Music: “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton




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  • Derek

    I don’t think I’ve gagged and laughed so much in any episode so far. OMG some of that was gross! And I hadn’t seen the pics, which just offer an entirely new dimension. I had to rewind to listen to Kevin’s Alan Alda (or was that Jerry Seinfeld) VoiceOver because I was laughing to hard to actually make out what he was saying.

    I know I thought of other comments to make but can’t remember them this late at night, and now I’m kinda dreading listening again to remind myself what they were. 🙂

    Great work guys!

  • Drhoz

    Re: the Cockchafer – I’m assuming you looked it up on Wiki, given you mentioned its other names such as Spang Beetle, but Chafer is an old European term applied to many beetles, such as the Rose Chafer, and the Cockchafer’s antennae resemble a rooster’s comb 🙂 Alternatively, it’s also a large and boisterous beetle, too.

    (was delighted my suggestion of prepucial myaisis made it to the show, too)

    • purrdence

      Der-roh-zz. Not Dr Hoz. Why do people keep mispronouncing it?!? It’s one word!

      There may have been shouting at the iPod in the car… >.>

      • Toren

        It wasn’t me!

  • Sorry to say this, but in the category of Se(a)men cocktails, consider playing The Captain’s Wife’s Lament:

    • Derek

      That’s fantastic! 🙂

  • As for the chafer, I am assuming this is related to the German word Käfer, which is a beetle? They used that for the WV one…

  • Derek

    Great stuff from Eric Fell too. Please invite him back sometime (perhaps an ep on RPGs?). 🙂

    I’m not sure if I recall correctly but it’s possible that there’s another famous space cabbie. Dave Lister was a (kind of) space cabbie on some planet or other before joining the crew of Red Dwarf in the book the BBC series was based on. The books were great, and it’s amazing how well the series was cast.

    For the record, I wasn’t quite so affected by the second listening. I’m not sure I’m happy about that because it means you’ve inured me to discussions of semen-based delicacies and warbles in penises. Ugh.

  • Brenton

    The whole eating live food thing is really, really horrible.

  • Brenton

    Oh, and thanks for making me Google “Fucking Outside”…

    • Derek Weber

      Oh, yeah. Great intermission music and outro!

  • jadegreendragon

    Got stuck in traffic last night driving home. I had the windows rolled down and was listening to your podcast. Never occurred to me until i started to notice the weird looks i was getting from the workmen in the truck next too me but they could hear every word and think they particularly enjoyed the Intermission song since they yelled out “What station?”, told them its a podcast and rattled off the website as i drove off!

    Love this Follow ups, had the perfect balance of laughter and cringing!

  • Arlen Woods

    Has Caustic Soda ever covered the mating strategies of the male Right whale?
    It revolves around having the largest gonads of any animal on earth and trying to be last.
    Fascinating stuff for a future update.

    • Generaleesimo

      Sounds like great material for the inevitable WHALES episode…..

  • Sarah

    Eric Fell made me laugh harder than any other guest you’ve had. Invite him back, please! Great episode.

    They opened one of the poop themed restaurants about 40 minutes outside LA. We all joke about going, but we’re never going to go.