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Followups 14

Gentleman Heckler, Dungeon Master, and future Space Cabbie Eric Fell joins Joe, Kevin and Toren to talk about the antechinus, death via coital defenestration, escamole,

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Dr. Rob joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about the reason people just can’t stop: Addiction! We’ll look at the difference between use, abuse,

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Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Seven Deadly Sins

The science of schadenfreude! The Texas-Cheerleader-Murdering-Mom! Tonya Harding! Drug-induced fatal car accidents! All this plus exploding breast implants! In our 6th episode on the seven

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Sex (Part 2)

Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie is still with us as we talk about penile plethismograph, 3 day coke-caused priapism, tubgirl, Lemon Party and concrete enemas! Bonus

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Sex (Part 1)

Robin Bougie joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe for a special sexy (and therefore EXPLICIT) episode. What are phimosis and paraphimosis? How about penis fencing and

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