Dr. Rob joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about the reason people just can’t stop: Addiction! We’ll look at the difference between use, abuse, misuse, and dependence, Alexander the Great’s murderous alcoholism, “Rat Park”, Elvis Presley’s prescription drug addiction, and a story of heroin induced copremesis.  We’ll also talk about the addictiveness of Oreos, a bad Warcraft mother, addiction in Fallout, and select pop culture examples of addiction.

Music: “Addicted to the Disco” by Sean Cullen




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  1. This is probably my favorite Moth podcast – Jerry Stahl attempting to kick heroin… by doing crack.

  2. Monday morning: check Facebook, browse past the usual dross of photo-memes and slacktivism to the CausticSoda goodness. To the website! right-click, save-as… *aaaahhhh* that’s the good stuff…

  3. Boooooo to Requiem For A Dream. Booooooo. It’s like the Crash of the addictions world. It’s obvious, ham-handed, and not at all challenging. It’s like an after-school special jacked up on speed and crack.

  4. Loved the show guys! Always enjoy Caustic Soda but this week was extra interesting and entertaining. Notable mention for Kevin too: delighted to hear an accent which didn’t descend into Scottish

  5. There are a few movies / shows you mentioned that sound like or reminded me of other movies / shows:

    Requiem – Diet Pills – Doctor Venture

    Cocaine – Jack Black’s character in Tropic Thunder

    The Jem’Hadar are very similar to the Jaffa in Stargate, who can’t live without their parasitic Goa’uld, and later a drug to mimic that parasite.

    For just about every addiction, you just have to look to Walk Hard.

    And finally, if you want an anti-addiction / anti-cocaine song: Grandmaster Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It)

  6. Well it finally happened. You guys bested me! Not much grosses me out, but finally, after all of the episodes, this one made me gag. That damn reddit story. And even better for me, I was listening to that part in the morning while making my lunch….

  7. I wonder if Matt Stone and Trey Parker knew about feculant emesis when they did their South Park episode where Cartman convinces everyone to eat with their butts and crap out of their mouths. Classic South Park.

    Fantastic episode guys. Definitely one of my favourites. 🙂

    Did Fight Club get a mention, for the depiction of Jack’s addiction to support groups? I’ll have to listen again (yes, any excuse’ll do).

    Btw, The Trainspotting book is fantastic. A really visceral kind of novel with very little point, just an explanation from a variety of points of view of what it’s like to be a junkie. And the language is amazing. I must watch the film again because I saw it alone in the late nineties after seeing a particularly depressing film, so I didn’t find it at all funny, just really miserable, but I think I could appreciate the humour if I gave it another go.

  8. This was definitely one of the grossest episodes yet. I work with people who have drug addictions frequently, but I’ve never heard of the feculant emesis before. Disgusting! Great job guys.

    Of course, I’d like to add that there’s always the Dewey Cox Story’s funny and inaccurate, but classic take on drug use and addiction:

    “And you never paid for drugs. Not ONCE!”

  9. Sorry for commenting on an old episode, but I just watched “Filth” last night (I think it was just released a year ago)… speaking of dark Scottish comedies about drug addiction and mental health issues ;P I recommend it if you’re into that sort of humor. And as for Ozzy snorting ants… I’ve watched friends snort some pretty interesting things including: wasabi; dead skin (off another friend’s sunburnt back); pumpkin pie (off a guy’s… never mind); hot sauce, immediately followed by milk; and yes, one live spider.