Followups XV

Soda Jerk Prime 2014 Cameron Potter, who claimed the “Jonestown Massacre” level of our Season 5 Fundraiser (be a guest on the show) joins Kevin, Joe, and Toren to discuss a range of topics including Tornadoes, Oklahoma, Fisticuffs (and Apes!), rat slaver, oral myiasis, Cam’s personal cancer story and the ABCs of skin cancer. Plus, more dangerous homeopathy, toxicity and SURPRISE TARANTULAS.

Note: Due to a technical glitch we had to re-record the first 20 minutes over Skype, so Cameron’s sound quality starts off low, but improves to in-studio quality around the 23 minute mark.

Music: “Pizza Day” by Jonathan Coulton


This image NSFL (Not Safe For Lunch): Oral Myiasis


10 Responses

  1. You know the first thing everybody will do is open that oral myiasis picture. Well worth the click.

  2. superb episode man. What a great guest. And yes I immediately ran to the mirror to check my body for unusual masses, moles and the like!

  3. I like the way Kevin never turns off. Cameron is telling us about her scary, scary cancer story, and Kevin’s tossing in bad puns at every dramatic pause. Classic Caustic.

  4. It was great to hear your story in such detail, Cameron, and I wish you all the best. Thanks also for the stories and great puns. 🙂

    For the record, though, AFAIK everyone in Australia (who knows the word) pronounces “corollary” like Kevin, I’m afraid. No, seriously, I’m now afraid.


    1. Oh, c’mon Derek. Don’t be THAT afraid! I mean, I survived being in the same room as these guys for a couple of hours, and that was scarier than mispronouncing a word!

  5. Dear Kevin, Joe, Toren & Mike,

    Many thanks for making this podcast a reality. I listened to it the Wednesday it was released, and I thought the show was fantastic! The editing was very smooth, so many thanks to whoever did that. The content was, I hope, interesting, and you guys were always quick on the trigger with a joke to lighten things up. I didn’t say “Uh” or “Um” nearly as many times as memory serves, and it was a real treat to be in the same room with you and watch and listen to how you create your wonderful podcasts, week after week. It was truly an honor, and I am forever grateful to have been allowed to be a part of it.

    I also want to extend many thanks to my marvelous husband for making all of this possible from behind the scenes. From allowing me to donate what I wanted, to being able to appear on the show, to getting airline tickets & a hotel room & a rental car for our trip to Vancouver, he has been the real hero in this three-ring-circus. So, here’s to you, Greg – the best husband in the world!

    So, anyway, all I’m saying is Thank You. Thank you for all your hard work at creating a podcast that stands head & shoulders above the rest, for creating what is clearly a labor of love. You guys ROCK!

    Cameron Potter

  6. I think her last story is a good reason why you should always have a jug of Sunny D in your fridge because no matter what sort of purple stuff you have in there, it will get passed over for Sunny D. Subjectively delicious Sunny D, which is better for you than that chromium stuff that is bad for you.