Hate Crimes

The science of hate in the human brain, 9/11 revenge killings, racial, homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, as well as the Museum of Tolerance. Also American History X, Boys Don’t Cry, Milk and the X-Men.

Caustic Soda apologizes for the misgendering of Brandon Teena in our Boys Don’t Cry segment. Though accidental we agree was problematic, and Joe has digitally altered the file to use his proper pronouns. Note that we have left in a section that quotes his murderers’ own words misgendering Brandon while admitting to their crime. Their words are their own, and we report them. Our words we will correct and apologize for.

Music: “Guilty” by Margaret Whiting



9 Responses

  1. You know, there have been a lot of disgusting things this podcast has presented to me. I weathered the cannibalism episode, looked at the pictures of maggot therapy and bot fly infestation, showed a few people the picture of a dog that got its face torn off, the whole thing. And I laughed through them.

    This episode is the first one ever that made my stomach turn.

  2. Pretty sure that if Brandon Teena was living as a trans man, then using female pronouns isn’t really appropriate…

    1. I came here to say the same thing. The person’s expressed gender is the only pronoun you should use when referring to them. Could be something to mention in a future followup episode?

  3. This was an excellent podcast and I look forward to a future podcast on LGBT hate crimes. I would also like to echo the comment above on the pronouns used to refer to Brandon Teena. The documentary is named “The Brandon Teena Story” (not “The Teena Brandon Story”, as called in the episode) and as Brandon was male-identified, male pronouns should be used. I can see an exception only when quoting his murderers who used female pronouns, but for future podcasts, it is considered very disrespectful to refer to a trans person with the name or pronouns that they no use. There was a mix of pronouns used, and I think it’s important you know for future podcasts. Thanks for including his story! As a transman, I watched both movies with my girlfriend and we had to turn it off because it distressed her so much. It’s frightening I live in a world where this can happen, and I appreciate the attention to these occurrences!