Our micro-series on spiders concludes with a look at the goliath bird eater, the funnelweb, the vampire spider, spider traumatic insemination and various tarantulas. Also news and pop culture – all with guespert Gavin Pitts!

Music: “Stop, Look and Listen” by Syd Dale



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  • claw

    I was one of those who knew about the ‘hair blast’ attack that some spiders use when threatened. i saw a nature documentary a few years ago about spiders and one of the tarantulas felt threatened by the camera; it turned and began scraping it’s butt at the lense. the narrator commented that the hair fibres can be almost as fine as asbestos and extremely irritating.

  • Ossicone

    There’s a good video about ‘hunting spiders’ from the Human Planet series. That’s how I knew about the hairs.

  • amysrevenge

    I swear the intro music is familiar but I can’t place it. It makes me think of King Solomon’s Mines.

    • thickets

      Every single piece of music in both Spider episodes were taken from a single source.

  • eeeh

    Australian peacock spiders, a sort of jumping spider, very relevant to the subject at hand:

    (Feels like a thing you might have mentioned before, idk. anyways keep up the good work)

  • Rydsfar

    Kevin’s getting funnier… just saying.

  • Brenton

    Were there any spiders in Kiss of the Spiderwoman?

  • Derek Weber

    Ooh, sweet! Big Ass Spider is on tv tonight. I wouldn’t have noticed it but for your podcast.

  • Eternally Learning

    Well that was funny Toren. I was listening to this in my car on my way to work at just shy of 8:50. You were so close man.

  • Derek

    Well, I don’t care that this thing only has six legs, I’m putting it in the “robotic hunting spider with snake legs bucket”: http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-this-creepy-hexapod-has-robot-snakes-for-legs

  • Miss Felis

    MST3K riffed Giant Spider Invasion- it was fantastically funny. I’d recommend watching it with the riffs, not on its own.

  • Shawn

    YouTube has a video called scientifically correct spiderman, its animated, funny and maybe a bit unorthodox.

  • Katie Blakemore

    Funny that you guys mentioned Spiderman not bring “spidery” enough, because one of my favourite webcomics (no pun intended) is Spinerette – a female homage to Spiderman where the heroine grows 4 extra arms after exposure to radiation. It’s very silly and is a great parody (one of the main heroes is an African-American superhero people constantly introduce as “Black Tiger”…even though he corrects them each time with “it’s just Tiger”). Well worth a look!

  • Derek

    Not that I condone needless violence against animals, but this is a pretty amusing video. A guy attempted to squish a wolf spider only to find it exploded into hundreds of baby wolf spiders.


  • Phav Nosnibor

    This seems like the sort of question you guys would want to consider: http://biomedicalephemera.tumblr.com/post/115493150860/can-spiders-fart

    Too bad the answer is so wishy-washy. I’d be interested to hear Gavin’s take on it.